I Wish I had taken a class like this in college

Found this while wandering around the web. This is the biggest cross polonation of superhero nerdom and acadamea I have ever seen, and probably ever will, unless Noam Chomsky forms a team of ultra left wing linguists or something. Even if it's not a real class. Which I just noticed. While I find the inclusion of stuff like a Pat Lee comic and Earth-X kind of dubious, I would still loved to have taken this class. If it was real. Especially if it meant taking an Introduction to Cyberculture and Cyborg Theory or Whitness Studies 101 class. I have had a really crappy education to have been deprived of such choices. But seriously, I find this cool. So much so I had to post. Well, I wanted to knock the Joe Rice Media Review down the page a little, too.

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