'I used to use a single thread to cross the sky'

With the release this week of their new album, No Line on the Horizon, U2 are all over the media hyping it up. And as Bono talks about the new album and the other new album from them that will drop later this year, he's also talking about his work on Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark, next year's Broadway production featuring the wall-crawler. From this week's Rolling Stone:

The first song Bono plays on the Maserati’s more-than-adequate sound system is called “Boy Falls From the Sky,” with Across the Universe star Jim Sturgess singing as Peter Parker. It sounds a lot like a U2 hit, especially when Bono sings along in the car with the line “I used to use a single thread to cross the sky.” “Killer!” he shouts as the song wraps up, and then he plays a choral, operatic segue. When Bono’s assistant calls on his cell, he cuts the conversation short: “We’re in the middle of an opera here!”

Clayton and Mullen haven’t even heard what Bono calls the “spider songs” yet, but the singer is hopeful that he can convince them to release the tunes in the form of a U2 album. “If we do, it’ll be a monster, ’cause it’s the most accessible music we’ve probably ever written,” Bono says. “It could be our Tommy. We could do it with guest stars and everything.”

For some reason I started receiving issues of Rolling Stone in the mail a few weeks ago -- I think it's a promotional thing to go along with their new, smaller format -- so hopefully I'll get this issue as well.

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