I See Dead People 2: 8 Pages of "Zombie Tales: Oblivion"

Boom! Studios has provided CBR News with a preview from "Zombie Tales: Oblivion," which ships to comic shops this Wednesday, October 26th. We have eight pages from "The Bakemono & The Cranes," written by Johanna Stokes (who has a special column right here on CBR you should check out) with art by Keith Giffen.

"Zombie Tales: Obliviion" is the second in a series of three "Zombie Tales" books featuring, well, zombie tales! "Oblivion" contains six stories over 48 pages by:

  • Mark Waid and Mark Badger
  • Andrew Cosby and Benjamin Roman
  • John Rogers & Tom Fowler
  • Michael Alan Nelson & Andy Kuhn
  • Keith Giffen & Ron Lim
  • Johanna Stokes & Keith Giffen

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