I Saw It Advertised One Day Archive

Here is an archive of installments of I Saw It Advertised One Day, a recurring feature where we take a look at comic book advertisements from the past seventy plus years that amuse me for whatever reason! The installments are in chronological order, so the most recent one is at the end!

Cube Lube is #33! It's bolded.

1. 1970s Daisy BB gun ad, 1940s Butterfinger ad and 1970s Lee Jeans ad

2. 1940s Baby Ruth ad, 1970s Wayne School ad and 2000s X-Men food products ad

3. 2006 Lunchables ad, 1970s Daisy BB gun ad and 1970s Green Lantern/Green Arrow ad

4. 1950s ad for some comic that was doomed to fail, 1955 electric baseball game and 1950s photography scam

5. 1970s ad to help trick your father into buying you a BB gun, 1945 ad for Picture Stories from the Bible and 1960s ad for portraits of stallions

6. 1970s ad for Masculiner's line of glue-on hair, a 1950s DC house ad with a member of the "Trinity" conspicuously missing and a 1960s ad for "Secrets of Being Attractive"

7. 1960s ad for learning to speak better English, 1960s house ad for DC Comics and a 1960s ad for Aurora model kits

8. 1950s ad for Daisy ads, 1960s ad for hypnocoins and a 1960s ad for a whirling satellite toy

9. 1970s ad for Spalding basketballs, 1960s ad for accordions and a 1960s ad for a "nuclear sub"

10. 1980s ad for Angel Love, 1960s ad for marbles and a 1950s ad for Daisy BB guns.

11. 1960s ad for "Would you believe" flash cards, 1960s ad for Ka-Bala game and a 2000s ad for Nabisco's website.

12. 1960s ad for land in New Mexico, 1990s ad for 3 Musketeers and 1960s ad for some sort of gasoline energy saver for cars

13. 1960s house ad for a new take on Superman, 1980s ad for a watch with a car on it and a 1960s ad for a "hip" garbage truck model car.

14. 1940s ad for Thom McAn shoes, 1960s house ad for Scooter and a 1970s ad starring OJ Simpson for Dingo boots.

15. 1990s ad for an X-Men phone game, 1970s ad for AAU shoes and a 1950s ad for a grab bag "prize"

16. 1960s signet ring scam, 1940s ad for Wheaties and a 1970s ad for comic book protectors.

17. 1970s ad for aurora model car kits, 1970s ad for crabs and a 1970s coupon for Palisades Amusement Park

18. 1960s ad for indoor shooting, 1970s ad for superhero watches and a 1970s ad for Lee jeans

19. 1980s ad for a Kool-Aid video game, 1960s ad for Tootsie Rolls and a 1940s ad for Grape-Nuts

20. 1990s ad for selling rings to servicemen, 1940s ad for glow-in-the-dark neckties and a 1980s ad for DC sword and sorcery action figures

21. 1980s house ad for Alan Moore's Swamp Thing, 1970s ad for the Marvel rock album and a 1980s ad for Super Yum

22. 1980s ad for James Bond video game, 1970s ad for coin grab bag and a 1980s ad for a pen giveaway

23. 1940s ad for Smith cough drops, 1980s ad for a Lifesavers game and a 1970s ad for Lee jeans

24. 1940s ad for Army surplus, 1970s ad for the Cleveland Institute of Electronics and a 1980s ad for fishing rods

25. 1960s bodybuilding ad, 1940s ad for a typewriter and a 1970s ad for a bizarre 10-in-1 toy

26. 1960s ad for cardboard luggage, 1940s ad for Lifebuoy soap and a 1970s ad for DC's price increases

27. 1960s ad for X-Ray Spex, 1960s PSA about Hawaii and a 1950s ad for Color King colored bike tires

28. 1950s ad for fabric selling, 1960s ad for light boxes and a 1950s house ad for the Flash

29. 1960s ad for corsets, 1980s ad for female weight gain pills and a 1980s ad for breast cream

30. 1940s ad for Wheaties, 1960s ad for go-go tails and a 1950s ad for commander male corsets

31. 1940s ad for Superform male corsets, 1980s ads for Power Lord and a 1950s ad for a Disney "color television"

32. 1940s ad for rubber masks, 1940s ad for "joinies" and an ad for licensed lunch boxes

33. 1950s ad for a toy grenade, 1980s ad for Rubik's cube...lube and a 2010s ad for Marvel brand fragrances

34. Three 1970s Hostess ads

35. 1970s ad for banana-themed toys, 1980s ad starring Meatloaf and superheroes and a 1970s ad for a martial artist teaching "the Death Touch."

36. 1960s ad for a live monkey, 1980s ad for Fig Newtons and a 1960s ad for Daisy BB guns

37. Bizarre 1930s Mickey Mouse milk ad, 1950s ad for building your own flying machine and 1970s ad for curing "negajinxes"

38. Neal Adams "PSA" for youth literacy, a Marvel comics ad for a corset and a smoking ventriloquist dummy

39. A "money maker," a Chips Ahoy flip book and "Space Ice"

40. "Maybe This Batman Guy Will Work Out": Promotional Ads for Famous Superheroes

41. "What Do You Think About Alligators, Cabbage...and Negroes?": Well-Meaning but Bizarre PSAs

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