I Saw It Advertised One Day #35

We conclude a MONTH of I Saw It Advertised One Day! Each day this January I've given you a piece looking at advertisements in comic books over the decades that amused me for whatever reason. In each installment, we've take a look at three ads!

Here is an archive of all installments of this feature.

I'll still do these on occasion, just not one a day! For the last one, I've saved three exceptionally bizarre ads for last!


Edo Bosner sent in this one. It is from 1979 and, yeah, I can't imagine who thought that kids would ever like this...


A lot of people asked me about this one, so here you go!


Finally, reader Scott has been dying to see Count Dante featured on here, and I wanted to, but there was a very specific ad I was looking for.

Scott was thinking of this ad from 1975...

Count Dante, by the way, died later that year. He was a controversial figure who was involved in so-called "Dojo Wars" between rival schools (Dante and a friend were caught putting dynamite blasting caps on a rival school - later, Dante and other friends got into a brawl with students from another school - the fight ended in the death of one of Dante's friends).

But THIS is the ad I wanted, and eventually I found it on this Martial Arts ad website!

Also from 1975...

I love it! The ad professes to teach you the DEATH TOUCH!!

What was Marvel thinking having an ad like this, even in one of their black and white magazines?

There ya go, Scott! Happy now? ___________________________________________________________________________________

That's all for this installment! If you can think of some goofy comic book ads you'd like to see me feature in the future, drop me a line at bcronin@comicbookresources.com. Do not make suggestions in the comment section, so that they can still be a surprise for future readers! In fact, I think I'll just delete comments that contain future suggestions.

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