I Saw It Advertised One Day #14

We continue a MONTH of I Saw It Advertised One Day! Each day this January you'll get a piece looking at advertisements in comic books over the decades that amused me for whatever reason. In each installment, we'll take a look at three ads!

Here is an archive of all installments of this feature.


You know what helps sell shoes?


Ah, Thom McAn. One of the funnier aspects of this ad is the fact that the ad really has absolutely NOTHING to do with the shoe being sold!_______________________________________________________________________________________

Right off the bat, Scooter is one of the most blatant money grabs imaginable.

"Hey, the Beatles are popular, right? So what if we rip off the Beatles AND Archie and have a British Archie with hair like the Beatles!"

Doesn't that just sound like something some middle-aged executive would come up with?

But then you add in the bizarre ad copy and this ad becomes transcendent...


Good ol' Graeme Burk insists that I feature this classic OJ Simpson Dingo ad, so here it is, in its retrospectively absurd beauty!


That's all for this installment! If you can think of some goofy comic book ads you'd like to see me feature here, drop me a line at bcronin@comicbookresources.com. Do not make suggestions in the comment section, so that they can still be a surprise for future readers! In fact, I think I'll just delete comments that contain future suggestions.

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