'I Luv Halloween's' Benjamin Roman returns with 'P.A.C.O. and Donut'

One of the highlights of Tokyopop's move into original English-language manga was undoubtedly I Luv Halloween, the 2005 horror-comedy by veteran creator Keith Giffen and newcomer Benjamin Roman. The book, which centered on a group of kids as they went trick-or-treating each Halloween, spawned two sequels and launched Roman's career.

The cartoonist followed I Luv Halloween with such works as The Cryptics (with Steve Niles) and the children's book House of They (with Joe Kelly), but then he stepped away from comics for while. However, now Roman is back with a five-issue miniseries, P.A.C.O. and Donut, which debuts today on comiXology.

The all-ages sci-fi comedy centers on Donut, an escaped criminal who finds himself shackled to a transport robot named P.A.C.O. (Prisoner Assist Courier Operator) after crash-landing on an alien planet. P.A.C.O.'s original correctional officer programming is damaged in the impact and replaced with the profile of a prisoner from its database. Unable to unlock the tether that binds them, P.A.C.O. and Donut have no choice but to work together to escape the manhunt led by Warden Zozo.

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