I Love Ya But You're Strange - Where's My Money, Honey?

Every day this August I'll be spotlighting strange but ultimately endearing comic stories, one a day (basically, we're talking lots and lots of Silver Age comic books). Here is the archive of past installments of this feature.

It just occurred to me that in the archive, I was using Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #8-9 as an example of what kind of stories I am featuring in this bit, but I had not yet actually used those issues. So I'll correct that now.

Here is the story of how Luke Cage came to say to Doctor Doom, "Where's my money, honey?"

Steve Englehart, George Tuska and Billy Graham were the creative team for these two issues.


The action begins in Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #8, when Luke is approached by some dude about making $200 a day taking down some folks...

Luke is displeased to learn that the people he was hired to deal with were actually robots. He feels that he is not being dealt with straight, so he takes his issue to the guy he thinks is in charge, but learns someone ELSE is really in charge...

So Luke takes out all the robots, but is dismayed to learn that his $200 fee is not going to be honored...

The next issue (Tuska drew the hell out of the first issue - the second part is part Tuska, part Billy Graham) opens with Luke breaking in to the Fantastic Four's headquarters to borrow a plane to get to Latveria...


Once there, Luke takes advantage of a civil war going on (led by a dude called the Faceless One, who is leading an army of robots, much like the ones Luke dealt with in the States) to gain access to Doom's castle...

"Where's my money, honey?" is a transcendentally beautiful piece of dialogue.

I won't spoil what happens next to the story - does Cage get his money?!?! Find out in the Essential Luke Cage, Hero for Hire, in stores now!

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