I Love Ya But You're Strange - The Glorious Debut of...Capwolf!

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I don't recall offhand, but I suspect that SOMEone must have suggested I feature this one over the years. Feel free to write in to take credit for suggesting it (although, come on, it was always going to eventually show up). Anyhow, today we look at the glorious debut of...Cap-Wolf!

Beginning in Captain America #402 (all issues written by Mark Gruenwald with pencils by Rik Levins. Danny Bulanadi inks most of the arc but there are a few fill-in inkers), Captain America decides to find his missing friend and pilot, John Jameson. Cap knows of John's past as Man-Wolf, so he recruits the mystic and former Avenger, Doctor Druid, who Cap was meaning to meet up with to clear the air regarding Druid's tenure as an Avenger (where Druid ended up being mind-controlled into taking over the team). The two head to a small town where they encounter a werewolf. It soon becomes clear that it is a woman and not John, but before they can do anything else, a mysterious man named Moonhunter shows up and captures the werewolf. This leads to a battle between Cap and Moonhunter, who is decked out in special anti-werewolf garb that works pretty well as anti-Captain America garb, as well...

Could that be Wolverine there? Why yes, it is! Grunwald was clearly pulling out all the guest-star stops on this six-part bi-weekly storyline.

Moonhunter ends up discovering Wolverine, who is investigating this strange werewolf town, and takes him down...

Cap and Druid make their way to the town and find themselves in trouble...

(As an aside, how poorly laid out is that page? There's a big blank spot for no good reason!)

The captured Wolverine is mesmorized by the big bad guy in charge of this town, Dredmund the Druid, who had tangled with Cap a few times over the years. He sends Wolverine after Cap. You think Gruenwald is passing up the chance to have Cap and Wolverine fight? No sir!

You might remember Nightshade from that old Cap storyline where Cap was nearly turned into a woman. As she notes, that time it didn't work. But this time, it WILL work. This time, we WILL get Capwolf!

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