I Love Ya But You're Strange - The Bizarre Tale of Transilvane

Every day this August I'll be spotlighting strange but ultimately endearing comic stories, one a day (basically, we're talking lots and lots of Silver Age comic books).

Today we look a two-parter by Jack Kirby and Vince Colletta from Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #142-143, where Kirby puts his own particular spin on the newly lifted Comics Code ban on vampires in comics.

Our story begins when Jimmy Olsen and Clark Kent are talking to the secretary for Morgan Edge...

As it turns out, she was also the secretary for the mad scientist, Dabney Donovan, who Dragorin really wants to find. When he heads off to a lab, Clark and Jimmy follow. They are soon accosted by a fellow named Lupek...

You "matted masterwork of murderous malignancy"?!? For serious?

Anyhow, once Superman gets involved, things change a bit...

I got to love that explanation for Superman's powers.

In any event, as we find out, these creatures are denizens of an artificial world. Here it is...

In the next issue, we learn why they all look like horror creatures...

And we learn how they travel from their planet to ours...via coffins, of course!!!

Once there, Superman and Jimmy are captured.

As it turns out, Dabny Donovan created the race as experiments and now he wants to wipe them out with a "genocide spray." They are not pleased about this and want to find Donovan.

Luckily for them, while he can't find Donovan, Superman does save them from Donovan's evil scheme.

But what to do with the creatures on the planet? Well, as Superman is a hero from the Silver Age (or early Bronze Age, depending on when you classify 1971 comics), he is cool with messing with people's heads if he thinks it is the right thing to do, so he decides to program them with a NEW movie!!

Sadly, we never got to see Transilvane again after this (post-Crisis, Dragorin and his people have been re-introduced, just with new origins).

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