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I Love Ya But You’re Strange – The Avengers Visit Letterman!

by  in Comic News Comment
I Love Ya But You’re Strange – The Avengers Visit Letterman!

Every week, I will spotlight strange but ultimately endearing comic stories (basically, we’re talking lots and lots of Silver Age comic books). Here is the archive of all the installments of this feature.

This week we look at one of the stories people often ask for, just in time for the Avengers film! It is the time that the Avengers appeared on Late Night With David Letterman!

The issue was part of Assistant Editor’s Month, a bit Marvel did in 1983 where the conceit was that the main editors on all of their titles were at the San Diego Comic Con, so the assistant editors had to take over so stories that never would have normally happened happened. It was a cute bit. For the Avengers’ installment, we see Wonder Man call up the Avengers in a bind…

This was during the time that the Vision was acting really super cool to hide the fact that he was planning on taking over the world (due to a connection with an alien computer).

So with the regular Avengers indisposed, the scru…sorry, the RESERVISTS were called in…

I love the depiction of how Black Panther has meetings. “What? Is that not how everyone has meetings? They sit on a big panther throne and lord over everyone?”

Also, it is weird that Black Widow has a wig of her old hairdo ready to go at any moment.

Hawkeye recently lost a good deal of his hearing in the Hawkeye mini-series (which ended with him marrying Mockingbird). I love the logic in this next sequence…

“I can’t wear a hearing aid.” “Why not?” “People can’t know that I’m hard of hearing.” “Oh, the Avengers have communicators the size of a business card but they can’t have a small enough hearing aid that it won’t be visible?” “This marriage will not end well.”

Roger Stern does a nice job capturing Letterman and Paul Shaffer…

Then the interview begins. Hawkeye does a fine job not letting anyone know he might be hard of hearing…

The bad guy is Fabian Stankowicz, an engineering genius who wants to be a super-villain. He ended up becoming an assistant to the Avengers after he saw the error of his ways.

I love this bit where the band keeps playing to make the audience think it is a gag…

Too bad no one shouted, “What is this, a masquerade ball? It must be an advertising gimmick!”

Finally, in the issue’s most awesome moment, Dave saves the day…

Of course, that sad sack Wonder Man doesn’t even get his moment in the spotlight…

This is why Wonder Man fought the Avengers recently. He is still mad about this night.

What a fun issue. Roger Stern rules.

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