I Love Ya But You're Strange - That Time That Superhero Had Sex With a Dinosaur

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Today we look at an odd little DC Comics tale from Doug Moench, Dave Hoover and Robert Campenella where a superhero in the future makes the ultimate sacrifice...he has sex with a dinosaur.

The Wanderers were another group of superheroes during the Legion of Superheroes timeline. In 1988, writer Doug Moench and artist Steve Dillon revamped the characters for a brand-new series which saw the Wanderers cloned and the original Wanderers killed. The cloned Wanderers then had to solve the murder of their original bodies. It was a clever idea. Once that was finished, they then became general superheroes in the future.

In 1988's Wanderers #12, they get sent to a planet to investigate a problem with the population of the planet. You see, the planet of dinosaurs was dying out but for some reason they had not yet begun to evolve into birds. So the population looked like it might die off entirely. They discover that a radioactive fog is killing the dinosaurs. One member of the team, Aviax, had the ability to shapeshift into different birds. He and the rest of the Wanderers were immune to the radiation. So he came up with a rather odd plan...

Then he finally finds what he is looking for, but things never go that easy when you're having sex with dinosaurs...

The best part about the issue is the Steve Lightle cover...


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