I Love Ya But You're Strange - That Time Spider-Man Fought...the Measles?!?

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Today I thought I'd go with a rather topical story (for a 41-year-old comic book) of Spider-Man's battle against...the measles?!

You can always tell when a Spidey Super-Stories story is an original one or one adapted from the Spidey stories on the Electric Company. Well, obviously they TELL you at the beginning of the story, but besides that, they tend to be a lot simpler than the other stories, since they need to be filmed (so you can't have, say, a Thanos-copter flying around). That's definitely the case here where we meet Mister Measles in Spidey Super-Stories #2, in a story adapted from the screenplay by John Boni with pencils by Win Mortimer and inks by Mike Esposito.

Early on, we are introduced to Mister Measles and his nefarious (and simply bizarre) plan...

Whoa, whoa, WHOA - don't you tell ME to get a measles shot, you bastard! That's MY right! I don't need either the government OR Mister Measles to tell ME to get a measles shot!

Soon, he puts his cockamamie plan into action...

I love that the measles are going everywhere!

This seems tough. How will Spider-Man spot this feindish plot? Will he come up with some super-clever solution? Or will he just yank the bag of spots away from Mister Measles all easy-like?

Wow, that was anti-climactic.

But wait, there's a twist!

Those are some messed up measles. So wait, if he just takes off his costume, will he NOT have measles?!?

Sadly, Mister Measles had never appeared again. Come on, Dan Slott, it'll be TOPICAL!!!!

If you ever dreamed of Morgan Freeman narrating this story...well, that's a weird dream you got there, but your weird dream just came true!

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