I Love Ya But You're Strange - That Time Lois Saved Superman By Making Out With a Bunch of Superheroes

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In honor of Valentine's Day this week, here's an odd little tale where Lois Lane had to save Superman by making out with a bunch of Justice League members!

The story, "The Irresistible Lois Lane!," appeared in 1961's Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #29 and was written by Robert Bernstein and drawn by the classic pair of Curt Swan and Stan Kaye. The fascinating thing about this story for me, besides the ridiculousness of it all, was that it was one of the earliest non-Justice League of America comic to actually reflect the fact that Superman was a member of the Justice League of America. Despite the formation of the League, in the early days the individual titles of the League members sort of ignored the fact that they were on a team with other heroes (DC was very much decompartmentalized back then, editorial-wise - everyone had their own little "kingdoms" and rarely shared characters).

Here is the amazing Swan/Kaye cover...

Anyhow, the issue opens with Krypto making a mysterious symbol...

Lois then goes out on this odd little story and does exactly what she says she'll do, make out with a bunch of different superheroes!

Okay, are you ready to learn what the secret plan was? Hold on to your horses, folks, and get ready for one crazy ass plan!!

Wow. That was perhaps the best plan ever. Certainly there was no better way of getting the League members the Red Kryptonite. Clearly.

Actually, this just reminded me of a new recurring feature I am going to be doing soon (perhaps as soon as next week). You'll know it when you see it! I figured the title of it out last week (it's from the Bob Dylan song "Lo And Behold!").

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