I Love Ya But You’re Strange - That Time Jann Wenner Interviewed Daredevil

Every week, I will spotlight strange but ultimately endearing comic stories (basically, we're talking lots and lots of Silver Age comic books). Here is the archive of all the installments of this feature.

Today we take a look at a classic meeting between Daredevil and...Jann Wenner?!?!

The issue, written by Steve Gerber and drawn by Gene Colan and John Tartaglione, takes place in San Francisco as Daredevil returns to the city...while FLYING A PLANE!!!

What's odder? Him flying a plane or him complaining about his "soulpain"?

Daredevil stops some thugs...

and discovers that they were accosting Jann Wenner, publisher of Rolling Stone magazine (then still headquartered in San Francisco)!

DD agrees to give Jann an interview (I love the slight cultural clash)...

The majority of the book is just a recounting of Daredevil's origin (this issue continued from an issue of Avengers, so Gerber likely felt that they needed to fill people in on DD now that he had some extra attention from Avengers readers).

Then there is this big speech from DD to Wenner...

Of course, half of the thing was a mass hallucination caused by a new villain, Angar the Screamer, but hey, who's counting?

If I recall correctly, Colan did not have a picture of Wenner when he drew the issue, just going with a general description of the man by Gerber. It turned out to be quite accurate when all was said and done!

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