I Love Ya But You're Strange - That Time Darkseid Got Mugged

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Edited to add: With the Darkseid War beginning, I thought it'd be nice to take another look at the time that Darkseid, lord of Apokolips, was mugged by a pair of punks in an alley!

DC released three Super Powers mini-series to tie in with the Super Powers line of toys. The first two were drawn by Jack Kirby (as part of an attempt by DC to help honor Kirby with some well-deserved cash). At the end of the second one, Darkseid had been severely weakened.

In the third volume, Carmine Infantino and Pablo Marcos took over on art duties (with Paul Kupperberg writing the series) and Tyr and Desaad betray Darkseid and seemingly use up whatever Omega power Darkseid had left...

Darkseid had a LITTLE left in the tank, though. Enough to break free of the ice while no one was looking and escape to Earth, only he was now powerless, leading to issue #3 and one of the most awesome three page sequences in Darkseid's history...

Darkseid eventually gets a substitute for his powers by adding ALPHA power. The result is that he appears human. He joins the Justice League as a guy named Janus (dudes, seriously, if a guy shows up calling himself Janus for no good reason, please try to guess that he's some sort of double agent)...

Darkseid's plan is to go along on a Justice League mission to Apokolips, where he would get access to a lab where he could restore his powers.

And here's the weird thing - the series ends with the lab destroyed and Darkseid stuck as Janus...

That's it for Super Powers, there would be no Volume 4, so that's one hell of a plot to be left dangling, eh?

I love the shot of Janus and Orion seemingly walking off holding hands. Also, I know it is symbolic, but I'd love for someone on the Justice League to shout "What the hell! Janus's shadow is that of Darkseid's! Get him!"

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