I Love Ya But You're Strange - That Time Captain America Had to Dress Like an Old Lady to Stop the Nazis

Every installment of I Love Ya But You’re Strange I spotlight strange but ultimately endearing comic stories. Here is the archive of all the installments of this feature. Feel free to e-mail me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com if you have a suggestion for a future installment!

Last year, I did an installment about the time that Captain America and Paladin had to infiltrate a group of female villains by pretending to be women (and then almost got turned INTO women by the bad guys!). A bunch of folks said then that I should also feature the FIRST time that Captain America dressed as a woman to save the day. So here we are!

Joe Simon and Jack Kirby only got to the second story in the second issue of Captain America Comics before they were already down to "Hey, let's have Cap dress up as an old lady!"

So a rich American financier, Henry Baldwin, is preparing to donate a bunch of money to Britain to help them fight the Nazis. Some Nazi agents kidnap him, though. So Captain America and Bucky need to sneak into Nazi-controlled Europe and then make their way to Berlin to rescue him. But how will they achieve this difficult task? Why, by dressing up as an old lady traveling with her foppish grandson, of course!

While on the plane to Portugal, they seem to see Baldwin himself!

They change into their work clothes, but he's nowhere to be found!

They then change back into their costumes and head on to Germany from Portugal, passing through occupied France on the way...

As it turns out, Hitler's plan is to have a secret agent impersonate Baldwin and when it comes time to sign the accords, turn around and instead sign a statement endorsing Hitler and Mussolini.

Cap and Bucky discover that "Baldwin" has been found. You have to love Cap just sitting around in the hotel room in his dress...

So they foil the plot, but still have to save Baldwin. They go deep into Nazi territory and rescue him, with Bucky even getting the chance to kick Adolf Hitler and Hermann Goering's ass...

Hilarious stuff. Thanks to folks (I believe Matt Bird was the first one to suggest it during the old piece) for suggesting I do this one, as well! If anyone else has strangely awesome stories to recommend, drop me a line at bcronin@comicbookresources.com!

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