I Love Ya But You're Strange - That Time Batman and Superman Saved the Day Through...Tentacle Sex?!

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Today, we look at the time that Batman and Superman saved the day through, well, tentacle sex!

World's Finest Comics #289 (by Doug Moench, Adrian Gonzales and Sal Trapani), "The Kryll Way of Dying" is insane...but still awesome.

It opens with Batman stopping some bad guys, but not before one of them kills someone...

Superman is dealing with his own issues...

So, in an adorable sequence, the two best buddies decide that they need to spend the night together, as they have so many feels that they can't help but be with somebody else who understands them.

They go to the Fortress of Solitude, where they just UNLEASH their emotions on each other, and it is so sweetly tender. These guys are really good pals...

And sure, there is definitely some homoerotic elements here, but the main thing is that they totally are there for each other.

The problem is, as you saw, they were giving off SO MUCH emotional vibes that they actually drew in aliens that were seeking out emotions!!!

The problem is that these alien slugs can be dangerous, too!

Yes, they feed off of emotions and almost kill Batman by feeding on all his feels.

Ultimately, we discover that the purpose of these alien slugs is that an alien race called the Kryll has discovered a way to permanently extend their lives, but in the process, they lost, in effect, their souls. They are now roughly walking automatons. So they created these alien slugs to go out there and discover emotions and, most importantly, the concept of DEATH, and transmit it back to the Kryll.

To do so, they need to sort of...errrr..."combine" with some OTHER slugs that were sent in a separate asteroid. Superman fears that they will be too powerful combined, but Batman argues, "If you destroy them, a whole world will be lost, just like Krypton."

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