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I Love Ya But You’re Strange – That Time Batgirl and Wonder Woman Both Fell in Love With Batman

by  in Comic News Comment
I Love Ya But You’re Strange – That Time Batgirl and Wonder Woman Both Fell in Love With Batman

Every week, I will spotlight strange but ultimately endearing comic stories (basically, we’re talking lots and lots of Silver Age comic books). Here is the archive of all the installments of this feature.

Today we take a look at Brave and the Bold #78, where Wonder Woman and Batgirl fight for Batman’s affection in yet another zany Bob Haney tale (this time drawn by Bob Brown)!

The comic opens with the introduction of a new supervillain, Copperhead, who cleverly distracts Batman while he is stealing the tiara off of a visiting queen….

What I love about Bob Haney is that he did not give even the slightest crap about whether people’s personalities were consistent or not, like when Commissioner Gordon just acts like a total jerk to Batman…

Soon afterwards, Wonder Woman shows up and is skywriting “I love Batman” in the sky. Then Batgirl shows up, as well…

Copperhead is paranoid, but he is right to be paranoid.

I like this bit about Batman’s birthday…

Also, I love that Batman totally starts getting into it…

You have to love the reporters commenting on the story. Also, Gordon continues his jerky behavior to Batman.

Anyhow, they eventually reveal that Wonder Woman and Batgirl were PRETENDING to be in love with Batman…

but Copperhead is still paranoid, so they have to pretend some more…

only this time, they FELL IN LOVE WITH BATMAN FOR REAL!!!

Haney just doesn’t give a crap about logic. It is awesome.

Batgirl also left her secret identity for Batman, including an odd way of phrasing it…

“The greatest gift a super-heroine can give.”

Sounds dirty.

Anyhow, they all eventually beat Copperhead (be sure to track this issue down to find out how – it’s a neat story) and then the farewell is hilariously matter of the fact…

Sorry about the whole “falling in love with you” thing, Batman!

Our own Mark Andrew recommended I spotlight this one. Thanks, Mark!

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