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I Love Ya But You’re Strange – That Time Arnim Zola Disguised Himself as the Hulk’s Pants

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I Love Ya But You’re Strange – That Time Arnim Zola Disguised Himself as the Hulk’s Pants

Every installment of I Love Ya But You’re Strange I spotlight strange but ultimately endearing comic stories. Here is the archive of all the installments of this feature. Feel free to e-mail me at if you have a suggestion for a future installment!

Today, based on a suggestion from Mike B., we take a look at the time that Arnim Zola disguised himself as…the Hulk’s pants?!

Avengers Annual #13 (written by Roger Stern with art by Steve Ditko and John Byrne – Byrne is on inks, but at times Marvel made him re-pencil certain figures, as well, that’s why some of the characters are unmistakably drawn by Byrne) dealt with the problem of what to do with all of the technology developed by Bruce Banner when he was in control of the Hulk’s body. Now that the Hulk was seemingly banished from our dimension forever, all of this possibly dangerous technology was laying around. So the U.S. government put together a group of scientists (including Mister Fantastic, Beast and Hank Pym) and had the Avengers escort them to inspect the laboratory. This led to an awkward exchange between the Beast and the Wasp….

But wait, they’re now being attacked by the Hulk!!!

Yep, as it turns out, that was a CLONE of the Hulk by the evil Arnim Zola, who had disguised himself as the Hulk’s PANTS!

The pants come to life and attack the scientists and then the Avengers (Zola wants Banner’s tech, too)…

Uh oh, an army of Hulk clones!!

So the Avengers fight them…

and eventually Captain Marvel’s powers save the day…

She-Hulk is worried about the government gaining access to her cousin’s technology and using it for bad things, but Mr. Fantastic and Hank Pym allay her fears by explaining that they’ve already arranged that all of the tech will be gutted by them personally so that no one can do anything bad with it. Everyone’s happy – except, of course, the jerky scientist who planned on stealing Banner’s ideas and passing them off as his own.

Thanks for the suggestion, Mike!

If anyone ELSE has an idea for a strange story they’d like to see spotlighted, drop me a line at!

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