I Love Ya But You're Strange - Superman's Super-Boners!

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Everyone recalls the classic Batman/Joker Boner War of 1951, but three years later, Superman had some boner trouble of his own!

In 1954's Superman #87, Jerry Coleman and Al Plastino explain to us the problem of Superman's super-boners!

Gotta love that front page.

So as the story begins, Superman was getting ready to personally guard the delivery of a bunch of rare gems. But he is delayed by an atomic-powered rocket malfunctioning. He manages to contain the atomic blast, but everyone is wondering whether even Superman can withstand an atomic blast and remain the same guy.

At first, it looks like the worries are correct...

I always love 1950s DC Comics, because everyone is always willing to think the worst of everyone, including their friends, at the slightest provocation.

I also love how cynical this whole operation is, as a rival newspaper is just using Superman's predicament to sell papers.

So Superman gets tested...

First off, I love the name of the doctor. Professor VanDyke? The guy who has a Van Dyke beard? Awesome. And how crazy is it that his first test is getting a guy to love his dog? For serious?

Anyhow, Superman passes all of the professor's tests but then realizes that all of his so-called boners were actually tricks by bad guys trying to steal the gems Superman never got around to escorting (because everyone thought Superman had become a Super-Menace).

Fun story. Obviously, this was nowhere near the level of the Batman/Joker Boner War, but it is still fun to see Superman deal with "Super-Boners" (and not the Woman of Kleenex problem).

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