I Love Ya But You're Strange - "Superman Says He Loves Me...So What's the Catch?"

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Today, we take a look at a hilarious case of Lois being genre-savvy enough to figure out that something must be wrong if Superman decides to marry her...

In Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #22 (from 1960), Jerry Siegel and Kurt Schaffenberger deliver a delightfully odd comic book story that is built around Lois Lane being so used to things not working out between her and Superman that she just naturally assumes that their must be a catch when he proposes to her.

The issue begins with Superman trying some experiments to come up with a kryptonite antidote using red kryptonite. It doesn't work and there's a minor explosion...

You have to love how jaded Lois is by this point. "Yeah, this is great, but come on, what's the catch?"

She's very quick to use that robot. But anyhow, she brings up an interesting point. Is there any way that you can calm her worries? Preferably something involving time travel...

Oh man, how much does Schaffenberger NAIL Superman's look of "Come onnnnn, Lana!" in that last panel? Clear sign that the dude is not in his right mind. Well, that and him offering to give her super-powers as a payment. Gotta give Lana some credit for going through with helping him out. I don't think the whole "getting super-powers" thing even factored into her decision. She's just a good egg.

But, of course, there's a catch...

Yikes, stay classy, Lois!

Overall, that was a cute story by Siegel taking advantage of the by then already well established tropes of the series.

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