I Love Ya But You're Strange - Kissing Cousins?

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Today we look at 1962's Action Comics #289's "Superman's Super-Courtship."

Just from the cover, you can tell that this is going to be a bit of an offbeat comic book...

Read on to see what happens!

Jerry Siegel and Jim Mooney was the creative team on this story.

It opens up with Supergirl watching a sad romantic movie in her secret identity of Linda Danvers, along with her adoptive parents. This gives her the idea to fix Superman up with somebody!

I love Fred Danvers' reaction. "That's out!"

Also, it is amazing to think of the sheer power Supergirl has. "Hey, I think Superman would be good with Helen of Troy, let's go meet her!"

The meeting does not go so well, as Supergirl ends up drawing attention away from the diva-licious Helen...

You got to love Supergirl's obsessive peppiness!

While waiting for her next move, Supergirl cleans the Fortress of Solitude, which makes sense, because, you know, she's a woman...

Gotta love Superman's adamant position on the issue of marriage.

So anyhow, Supergirl's NEXT idea is to go to the future so Superman can marry a grown-up Saturn Girl. The idea is doing well....

until there is a minor hitch in her plans...

"Oh right, I didn't check to see if she was married."


Also hilarious is the out of nowhere shot she takes at Phantom Woman in the next panel...

"What about her? She MUST be single, as who'd ever want to marry HER?"

This then leads to the most awesome part of the issue, when Superman lets Supergirl know what kind of woman he wants...


Yes, because that damned Kryptonian law against cousin marriage is the only reason that isn't a good idea!

This gives Supergirl an awesomely twisted idea, though. Superman can't be with HER, so what about an exact duplicate of her?

Superman hits it off well with this lady...

I love Superman's thoughts as he heads to the planet. "Man, I hope she's like my teenaged cousin. Homina, homina." Also, is "super-pick-up-artist" an unknown power of Superman's from the Silver Age? Because he got down to business FAST.

Naturally, though, like all good fictional romances, this one is doomed, as Adult Duplicate of Supergirl cannot go to Earth because of our sun, which acts like Kryptonite to her, and she knows Superman can't abandon Earth...

I like Superman's hopefulness of the whole situation. "Thanks, Supergirl, I feel like total crap because of your meddling, but eh, I'm sure it is for a purpose." And, again, the ability to read about Cleopatra and actually know that you could go grab her if you wanted to - no wonder Superboy Prime went crazy with power!

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