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I Love Ya But You’re Strange – Jarvis’ Odd Fascination With Werewolves

by  in Comic News Comment
I Love Ya But You’re Strange – Jarvis’ Odd Fascination With Werewolves

Every week, I will spotlight strange but ultimately endearing comic stories (basically, we’re talking lots and lots of Silver Age comic books). Here is the archive of all the installments of this feature.

This week (based on a suggestion by Omar Karindu) we look at the last two issues of Werewolf by Night, as Jack Russell meets Edwin Jarvis, who is way more interested in werewolves than expected…

Werewolf by Night #42 was the culmination of an arc under writer Doug Moench and artist Don Perlin where the book transitioned from the story of a young man who transforms into a werewolf based on the lunar cycle to a book about a young man (Jack Russell) who can control his transformation into a werewolf and decides to use his werewolf abilities to fight crime. In essence, the book went from a horror title to a superhero book. #42 is the first issue Jack is a superhero and to signify the change, Moench has him fight a costumed criminal and have a team-up with Iron Man.

Jack sees some bad guys robbing a bank and jumps from a rooftop to attack them but that is the same time that Iron Man arrived on the scene. The two collide and proceed to have a fight based on the misunderstanding that Iron Man figures Jack is part of the bad guy crew. They then have an awesome fight involving Jack and a garbage can against Iron Man (not one of Iron Man’s finest moments)…

After things are settled (but the bad guys have escaped), Iron Man takes Jack (Jack has told Iron Man his name is Russ Jackson) to Avengers Mansion (by the way, Jack was in New York City with his friend Topaz. When he spied the bad guys he sent her to get some cops. He thinks about her at first but then seems to forget her for the next two issues).

Jack meets Jarvis…

I love how pissy Iron Man gets with Jarvis for dropping the vase.

Then, the scene of the issue, Jarvis asks to see him transform…

Wow, Jarvis! That is some weird behavior right there!

Iron Man and Jack team-up against the bad guy, whose master plan involves mutating three zoo animals into…


So that takes most of #43 but once the good guys win, Jack remembers his friend Topaz is just wandering around New York City somewhere…

And that ends the issue and the series, as the superhero revamp was too little too late as the book was cancelled.

As Omar notes, this makes Ultimate Jarvis suddenly not seem so different, eh?

Thanks for the suggestion, Omar Karindu! If anyone else wants to make a suggestion for a future installment, just e-mail me at

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