I Love Ya But You’re Strange - Flames = Super-Strength? Of COURSE they do!

Every day this August I'll be spotlighting strange but ultimately endearing comic stories, one a day (basically, we're talking lots and lots of Silver Age comic books). Here is the archive of past installments of this feature.

Today we look at an issue of Strange Tales (#115, by Stan Lee and Dick Ayers) where we discover one of the strangest "out of nowhere" powers that the Human Torch has ever had!

So, after Torch treats us to one of the goofiest expressions ever, we see a recap of the goofy first victory Spider-Man had over Sandman from the pages of Amazing Spider-Man...

Then we learn why Reed wants Johnny involved...

It is too true, all teenagers need to be dressed down occasionally, whether they do anything wrong or not.

Yes, lucky that you work on dodging obstacles for some reason!

Then the kicker...

Flame power?!? What the hell?!!? That is insane! Someone should really use that power again if/when the Torch returns to the Fantastic Four comic!

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