I Love Ya But You're Strange Archive

This is a collection of all the past I Love Ya But You're Strange installments! I Love Ya But You're Strange is about looking at strange, but ultimately endearing comic book stories. Hence "I love ya, but you're strange."

The stories are listed in the order that I have featured them, so the most recent stuff is at the bottom of the page.

1. A 1965 issue of Journey Into Mystery where Thor gets caught up in the Vietnam War.

2. An issue of Spidey Super-Stories where Spider-Man has to face Thanos...in the Thanos-copter!?!?!

3. The second-ever Wonder Woman "impossible story" (wait until you see how "impossible stories" are created!)

4. Supergirl looks for the perfect woman for Superman but discovers that the perfect woman for Superman just might be...her?!?!

5. Superman uses an amnesiac to teach Lois Lane a lesson

6. Barry Allen uses Mirror Master's tools to mess with Iris West's mind.

7. Luke Cage stars in a really offbeat take on A Christmas Carol. REALLY offbeat.

8. Superman and Jimmy Olsen encounter a world based on horror movies

9. Batman and Robin...mummy crime fighters!

10. Luke Cage travels to Latveria to collect $200 that Doctor Doom owes him.

11. Batman loses his cape during a windy day - and the cape happened to have his secret identity pinned to it!

12. Some guy is really, really obsessed with gorillas and their dark, dark souls.

13. Wasp and She-Hulk assign their fellow Avengers points for "hunkiness"

14. Captain America grades the "Avengerability" of his teammates. Cap also reflects back on when he got to hold Mjolnir. It was magnificent.

15. Superman pretends to murder a guy to get Lois to marry some other fellow

16. Aquaman helps Aqualad cheat on a test

17. Evil Girl Legionnaire Dance Party (as they celebrate getting rid of their male counterparts)

18. Man plays poker with letters as the stakes. But what's the deal with the letters?!?!

19. Lois is jealous of Superman's old girlfriends (while Superman dreams of kissing someone with a mustache)

20. Batman gets a new partner - Owlman (who is just Dick Grayson artificially aged)

21. A man gets a killer robot and learns a lesson about love

22. Aquaman fights a giant killer bunny rabbit!

23. Batman Jones makes his glorious debut!

24. Human Torch gains super-strength from his flames (of COURSE)!

25. The Legion of Super-Heroes lets the pet of one of its member pick their next leader.

26. Country folk mistake Jimmy Olsen for Superman since Jimmy is wearing Superman's costume

27. Wonder Woman gets dumped by a hideous monster (that does not nearly describe how weird the story is)

28. A hilariously awful mystery involving the "LL" characters in Superman's life.

29. Robert Kanigher personally fires the supporting cast of Wonder Woman

30. Gargantus is defeated by mankind's best friend...faulty science!

31. Superman and Supergirl's disturbing "play-acting"

32. Griping confuses alien invaders!

33. Ace the Bat-Hound narrates a story.

34. Superman adopts Jimmy Olsen and then begins tormenting him for days until Jimmy wants out. But why?!?

35. The worst "shock" ending ever?

36. Hey Kids, Look! In This Issue, Captain America Gives a Lesson On Superhero Ethics! Fun!

37. That Time Thor Nuked China

38. That Time Batgirl and Wonder Woman Fought Over Batman's Love

39. That Time Supergirl's "Man of Her Dreams" Turned Out to be a Woman

40. That Time Supergirl Made Out With Her Horse

41. That Time Lois Lane ALSO Made Out With Supergirl's Horse

42. Fun With Literary Classics

43. That Time Batman Fought...Thor?!!?

44. That Time Jann Wenner Interviewed Daredevil

45. That Time Batman Transformed into Bat-Baby

46. That Time Wonder Woman Worked at Taco Bell

47. That Time Spider-Man Killed Mary Jane With His Radioactive Sperm

48. One of Batman's Most Convoluted Plans to Protect His Secret Identity (Hint: It Involves a Rainbow Batman Costume)

49. The Avengers Visit Letterman!

50. Zombie Penguins!!

51. Jarvis' Bizarre Fascination with Jack Russell, Werewolf by Night

52. Guy Gardner on Ice!

53. Time Traveling Theodore Roosevelt Versus Time Traveling Hitler!

54. That Time Angel Turned Evil Because of Radiation and Then Beat Iron Man Up

55. That Time a Bird Nearly Exposed Wonder Woman's Secret Identity

56. What if Charlie Brown Turned Into a Giant Cockroach?

57. Erotica, Williams-Sonoma Style

58. The Justice League Goes to French Class

59. That Time the Husband of Wonder Woman's Exact Double Handcuffed Her to a Table

60. That Time Superman Dressed as Giant Bird to Protect His Secret Identity

61. Meet Batman's Moron College Friends

62. Lois Lane's Jekyll and Hyde Moment

63. Other Vehicles Talk Smack to Wonder Woman's Robot Plane

64. Justice League...Antarctica?!?

65. That Time Herbie Made Jackie Kennedy Swoon

66. That Time Sgt. Rock's Gun Narrated a Story

67. The Teen Titans Go to Hippieville, U.S.A.

68. That Time Cap Was Obsessed With Nick Fury "Wanting" Him!

69. Milk and Cheese Celebrate Their Anniversary

70. That Time Lois Lane Planned to Beat Up Wonder Woman to Woo Superman

71. Batman and Catwoman in a Battle of Bad Puns

72. DC Superheroes Know Surprisingly Little About AIDS

73. Fin Fang Foom Put You In His Pants

74. Aunt May...Herald of Galactus?!

75. That Time Jimmy Olsen Spanked Superman

76. "Yeah, Sure, You Can Be Batman for a Night"

77. That Time Gen13 Met Betty, Veronica, Wolverine, Shi, Archie, Katchoo, Hellboy, Madman...

78. Howard the Duck and Machine Man Come to OUR World

79. Is that Lois Lane or a Little Girl? I Can't Tell the Difference!

80. Batman and Plastic Man Have a Buttlegging Christmas!

81. Chuck Norris #1, the Greatest Comic Book Steve Ditko Ever Drew?

82. Spider-Man's Greatest Ally, Razorback!

83. The Metal Men Answer Their Critics

84. Silver Age Lois Lane Meets a Man Who Somehow Has More Issues Than Silver Age Lois Lane

85. The Strange Greatness of Willworld!

86. That Time Superman Gained the Ability to Shoot Mini-Supermen Out of His Hands

87. Obnoxio the Clown Versus the X-Men

88. Women in Charge? Talk About a Mystery in Space!

89. How Did It Take Until 1992 For Kid 'n' Play To Get Their Own Comic Book Series?

90. That Time ALF Crossed Over With Marvel's Summer Crossover

91. That Time Dave Gibbons Drew Doctor Manhattan in a Zapping Contest With Electro

92. The Sensational Character Find of 1993 - The Battling Bantam!

93. That Time Wolverine REALLY Needed to Learn About Marvel's Consumer Products Division

94. That Time Evil Baby Lois Lane Tried to Force Baby Superman to Marry Her

95. That Time Bob Hope's Nephew Became a Swingin' Mod Superhero

96. That Time Batman's Moron Friends Were Tricked Into Thinking He Was an Alien

97. That Time Lois Lane Hypnotized a Baby to Make Superman Marry Her

98. That Time Lois Lane Tried to Nail Superman's Dad

99. Krypto's Red Kryptonite Sex Change

100. Batman, Spider-Man and Superman Team-Up...to Print Comic Books!?

101. That Time Charles Barkley Played Basketball Against Godzilla

102. A Strange (but Touching) Super-Tribute to John F. Kennedy

103. That Time That Superman Was a Telepath AND a Shapeshifter!

104. That Time That Superhero Had Sex With a Dinosaur!

105. That Time Lois Lane Saved Superman By Making Out With a Bunch of Superheroes

106. The Great Batman/Joker Boner War of 1951!

107. The Time Captain America Tried to Win the War on Drugs

108. The My Little Pony/Quantum Leap Crossover You Never Knew You Needed!

109. The Time a Guy Used the Powers of a Grumpy Orange Cat to Seduce a Beguiling Neighbor Lady

110. That Time Darkseid Got Mugged

111. Archie Meets the Punisher!

112. That Time Superman Fought...Popeye?!?

113. That Time Spider-Man Fought...a Wall?!

114. That Time the Justice League Was a Little Too Enamored With Zatanna

115. That Time Rudolph Tried to Skip Christmas to be on TV

116. How the Flash Has One of the Silliest Superhero Origins of All-Time

117. That Time Captain America Had to Dress as a Woman to Save the Day

118. That Time Spider-Man Fought...the Measles?!?

119. Superman's Super-Boners!

120. That Time Daredevil Defeated Ultron With a Stick

121. That Time the Riddler Tricked Batman Into Slicing a Baby's Throat Open

122. The Utter Inanity of Matt Murdock’s “Twin Brother,” Mike

123. The Avengers Save the Day Through Mass Suicide

124. Even THOR is Obsessed With Who Would Win in a Fight Between Thor and the Hulk!

125. That Time Punisher Became a Frankenstein Monster

126. That Time Jimmy Olsen Had to Make Superman Cry to Gain Super Powers

127. That Time Fidel Castro Threw the Flash a Birthday Party

128. That Time Superman Was a Deadbeat Dad

129. That Time Captain America Dated Two Sisters At the Same Time

130. Boba Fett's Sad Day Out of the Sarlacc Pit

131. That Time Wolverine "Fought" a Little Lisping Girl Robot Bomb

132. “Superman Says He Loves Me…So What’s the Catch?”

133. “I’m Defeated! How Terrible…No, How Wonderful!”: The Odd Debut of Star Sapphire

133. The Glorious Debut of...Capwolf!

135. That Time Superman Tried to Burn Batman at the Stake for Being a Witch

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