'I look at something like <i>The Flash</i> as a long-term mission,' Johns says

The weeklong onslaught of DC Comics announcements continues this morning with a few details from Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul's much-anticipated run on The Flash.

The series, which launches in April, continued Johns' long association with the character that began in 2000 with a nearly five-year stint on The Flash, followed by several one-shots and miniseries such as this year's The Flash: Rebirth.

"Really, I look at something like The Flash as a long-term mission," Johns tells the Los Angeles Times' Hero Complex blog. "The Flash: Rebirth was the knot to untangle in the shoelace before we could run. I wanted to clear the board, re-examine some key elements of Barry Allen and re-introduce a threat that would play throughout the next several years. Much in the same way as Green Lantern, I'm committed to a long term story with the Flash and the universe around him. There's nothing that really needs to be left behind, so to speak. However, The Flash No. 1 that will start in April -- post-Blackest Night by Francis Manapul and I -- will be extremely accessible. It's Barry Allen a.k.a. the Flash, Central City and the Rogues."

The Flash #1 will be preceded in March by Flash: Secret Files and Origins. The DC Universe blog has a look at Manapul's process for the cover of the one-shot.

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