I Liked Most of Mark Gruenwald's Early Cap...

But boy, did he water-down Captain America a bit.

When a guy's entire origin is based around him being a soldier during World War II, I think it is pretty silly to then argue that he has never killed anyone.

I, do, however, agree with Gruenwald's argument that Cap would look for non-lethal solutions BEFORE killing.

Heck, I even took issue with the first issue of Ed Brubaker's Captain America, where he has Cap go for a killing shot where he could have gone for a disabling shot.

I get that Cap probably does not WANT to kill bad guys, but how often does a situation like that present itself during a war?

What is even more confusing is that Gruenwald even showed a spot where Cap WOULD kill...

So he admits that, if it comes down to kill or have others be killed, Cap WILL kill.

Then how, exactly, could he take the position that that same situation NEVER came up during a WAR?!?

The whole thing was pretty silly, especially as Cap freaked out so much about a "justified" killing that, issues later, he was still haunted by the death of the bad guy.

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