I Like Marvel's Re-Numbering Plan

I think Marvel's current re-numbering plan, which continues with today's announcement that Captain America will be re-titled Captain America and Bucky with #620, while Captain America gets a new #1, is a really clever and smart idea.

I mean, let's forget for a moment that having a book co-written by Ed Brubaker and Marc Andreyko with art by Chris Samnee while also having a book written by Ed Brubaker with art by Steve McNiven is a surplus of awesome talent on two comic books. Let's ignore that.

Even without the news of, in effect, a new book with a cool creative team (Brubaker, Andreyko and Samnee? Wow!), I think Marvel's numbering system makes a lot of sense.

We all know that books sell better with #1s. But at the same time, there is a significant part of fandom that hates books being re-numbered, because you lose the "history" of the original title. Marvel's new numbering system gives you basically the best of both worlds.

You get Black Panther, Man Without Fear keeping up the numbering on Daredevil while Daredevil gets his own new title.

You get Captain America and Bucky keeping up with the numbering on Captain America while Captain America gets his own new title.

You get Loki (or whoever - I guess Tales of Asgard would be a good description, right?) keeping up the numbering on Thor while Thor gets his own new title.

Then, almost certainly, at some point in the future (likely when the new books have reached a number where they no longer make sense as sales incentives (#38? #54? #64? I have no idea), then you return them to their original titles and pick up the numbering.

Then the other character hopefully has gotten enough attention that perhaps they could get their own title. It worked with Incredible Hulk and Hercules - it could happen with Black Panther or Tales of Asgard!

It's really a clever solution. Keeps the people who just want cool comics happy (Daredevil with Waid and Rivera? Wow! Thor with Fraction and Coipel? Wow! Cap with Brubaker and McNiven? Wow!) and it keeps the people who don't like to see those numbers "lost" happy. Clever stuff, Marvel!!

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