I Hope This Is Not True

Okay, I will admit, I do like the idea of Chuck Dixon writing Batman and the Outsiders. That being said, awhile back, Rich Johnston wrote the following in his Lying in the Gutters column:


[Yellow Light]

I understand that there are a number of DC creators who have worked on the "Countdown" series who are expressing deep misgivings about their future workload.

LITG previously reported that Mike Carlin was intending to "heavyweight up" the series, bringing in big name creators in light of sliding sales, and now certain existing talent on the series has found themselves not knowing what their next job will be, if it's there at all.

Except they don't know that that's what's going on.

They do now.

And a couple of weeks later, Tony Bedard (one of the writers on Countdown) gets replaced on a title before the title is even released. Such a move is not unheard of in comics, but it is still pretty rare, but hopefully it is just a matter of creative differences, because I certainly hope Johnston's rumor does not tie into this, because the idea of Tony Bedard being held at all responsible for the problems of Countdown is beyond absurd.

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