I Heard There Was Some Interview With Some Guy...

So, Grant Morrison did an interview with Newsarama the other day, and it really was a grand interview. Check it out here. While I think Morrison's comic writing is awesome, I am also a big fan of his interviews. Besides the fact that he's quite willing to supply immensely quotable lines (remember his amazing line about whether his JLA Classified arc was "in continuity" or not?), he just sounds intelligent and reasonable. So much so, that even when I don't AGREE with the guy, I don't mind, because he makes his case nicely. To wit, his point in the interview about Frank Miller and the Al Queda story? I think he's totally overreacting, in that Frank Miller having a Batman vs. AL Queda story really isn't that big of a deal, so I don't think it deserved Morrison's indignation. However, while I disagree, Morrison frames it in a decent enough manner that I can't begrudge him his position, even though I definitely disagree with it. Oh, and just for Greg Burgas, he threw a shout-out to Barr's Detective Comics run!! Man, what a cool interview (and how funny was the parody of Batman's inner monologues?). Well worth checking out, folks.

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