I have stuff that you can win!

It's contest time again!  As you know, sometimes I get free swag from people, and I'm very appreciative for it, because often it's stuff I missed, so it's cool to have.  Then, sometimes, I get stuff I already own, but that's cool too, because then I can give it away!  So just like last year, I'm having a contest in the same format as the last one.  That was difficult ... this is more difficult!  Because that's how I roll!

First, let's look at the prizes.  Yes, I said PRIZES!  I have a bunch of stuff to give away, and more than one person will win them.  So let's check them out, in alphabetical order:

Avengers: Ultron Unlimited trade paperback, collecting Avengers #19-22 and #0.  This is written by Kurt Busiek and drawn by George Perez, and it's a fine superhero bash-up.  Ultron returns and does evil things - you know the drill!  It became redundant in my collection when I got the big hardcover volume, which has these issues.

Goldfish by Brian Michael Bendis.  Hey, remember when Bendis wasn't such a hack?  This is part of those early works that include Jinx and Fire, and it's pretty darned good.  Noir crime stuff, black-and-white, morally shady characters, takes place in Cleveland - what's not to like?  And Bendis' art is actually pretty decent.

Robotika by Alex Sheikman.  This is a really gorgeous hardcover edition of the mini-series, and I would keep it, but I have the individual issues, so I'm sharing the wealth!  The fine folk at Archaia sent this to me a few days ago, which was very cool of them.  Sheikman's art is beautiful, and the story, which is not quite as good as the art, is still interesting.  It's a futuristic samurai western!  I reviewed it here (scroll down, trust me) and posted some of the art here (again, scroll down).  More reviews: here, here, here (by some punk named Cronin), and here.  In case you're interested.

Rock Bottom by Joe Casey and Charlie Adlard.  Larry Young sent this to me after I bought it, so I'm passing it on, just like Haley Joel Osment!  I enjoyed it, although not as much as I wanted to, and not as much as a lot of other people.  So read the reviews and see for yourself - Don McPherson loved it, H dug it, and so did Tom McLean.  A man turns to stone.  Whatever will he do?  Very nice art by Adlard.

Shatter by Mike Saenz and Peter Gillis.  Another one that Larry sent me after I already bought it.  I was disappointed in it, but as a historical curiosity, it's pretty neat.  Completely done on a Mac back in the 1980s, and it shows, but it's still an interesting book to check out.  And you know what?  It's free!

Okay, so here's the deal.  Below I have posted thirty (30) panels from comic books.  Yes, on a few I cheated and posted more than one, but generally, only one appears.  You must simply identify the comic book in which it appears and the creative talent that brought you said panel.  Yes, I'm asking for many things!  This is what I want:

1. The name of the comic book.

2. The issue number.

3. The writer.

4. The penciller.

I'm not going to worry about the inker, since we all know they're just tracers anyway!  And yes, the issue number is a separate category this time, unlike last time, and I know it's hard to get the issue number, so it's not worth as much.  Numbers 1, 3, and 4 are worth three (3) points each, while Number 2 is worth one (1) point.  That will give us 300 total points.  Whoever has the most points wins.  Simple, yes?

I will take the top three finishers.  The winner will get his or her choice of three (3) of the prizes.  The second place person will get their choice of the next two, and the third place person will get the last one.  If a tie occurs, I'll have to ponder what to do.  If the top two are really close and far ahead of the others, I may give the winner a choice of two and the second place person a choice of two.  We'll see how it shakes down.  Everything's free, after all!

Please do not leave you answers in the comments section.  That would be silly.  Send me an e-mail at: chlothar1@earthlink.net with something like "Comics contest" in the subject line.  I don't want to delete yours because you put "Investment Opportunity!" in the subject line (I get a lot of those; why is that?).  Real names, please!  As this is a lot of stuff, I'm giving you the rest of the week.  You have until midnight on Sunday, 21 January, 2007 to send me your entries.  I live in the Mountain Time Zone of these fair United States, so if you send it to me at 11.59 p.m. and you live in California, it will show up as 12.59 on my e-mail and it will be too late!  Don't wait that long!  Of course, if I only get one entrant, that person wins everything!

I will give you some hints and suggestions.  The God of All Comics is on this list, but maybe not for something you might think is obvious.  FOUR writers appear twice, and that was just an oversight on my part - I did these over a few days and it slipped my mind that I had already used them.  ONE artist appears twice.  Sorry!  IF a person writes and draws the panel, list that person TWICE.  One panel is from a comic book with two credited writers.  Giving me one of them is fine, but if you give me both, that's three points of extra credit!  I tried to use some very famous comic books and some ridiculously obscure ones, but I'm not sure anymore which are famous and which are obscure after last year's contest, because some people got the really obscure ones and missed on the famous ones.  So it's a crapshoot!

I hope you have fun with these.  Even if you only know a few, there's no reason no to enter!  Free comics, people!  So, if you're ready ... go!





























































Easy, right????  Get to it!

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