I Didn't Buy Any New Comics This Week

And it really freaked me out.

This is the first week in... I seriously can't rememeber how long, that there was nothing in my pull box or on the new comics rack at the LCS when I made my weekly trip. And it seriously wrecked my shit right up. I wandered around the store for like twenty minutes, like a shambling corpse with a faint sense memory; I just kept going through the motions without any purpose.

Because seriously, nothing this week jumped out at me as something I had to own, even though there were some solid comics. I'll probably pick up that mini-series that's reprinting the Lee-Kirby Tales of Asgard back-ups at some point. I almost bought the new Hack/Slash issue, because they don't show up in these parts too often. Desperation (and nostalgia) almost compelled me to buy a post 1991 Chris Claremont written X-Men comic, which is something I had promised myself I'd never do. Even if this one is pretending it still is 1991 or something. And I probably would have bought the new Uncanny X-Men had I known to look for it. Maybe it sold out? I combed the damn racks enough that I should have seen it if they had a copy.

And that's the most chilling take away that I have from my week without new comics; that I had such a hard time living with the fact that there were no new single issue comics I wanted to purchase in a week. What does that say about how conditioned I am to the weekly LCS trip? It reminds me of that bit about how so much of our personalities are conditioning from True Blood*. I just couldn't believe there was nothing to spend money on at the LCS.

So I broke down and bought the I Kill Giants trade, which was the most interesting thing in my price range (I want that Walking Dead Omnibus, but can't justify full price right now). I know Burgas swears by it, but I'm not sure what that means, really. He and I don't have the most confluence in taste, and the first issue didn't click with me very well. I do like the premise. And hey, at least I was able to find something to buy at the comic shop this week. That's what's really important here.**

*Is that an acceptable show to reference? I mean, I admitted to being a male ages 18-30 who watches Gossip Girl, but for some reason this show makes me feel uneasy in my nerd cred.

**Also, I finished reading Walt Simonson's run on Orion this week, so maybe that just ruined every other comic for me ever.

*** Further, I was hoping that they'd have my copy of Seaguy #3, but apparently it still hasn't shipped down here. That also ruined comics for me a bit.

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