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I Can’t Cover What I Am – Superman’s Secret Identity…Revealed?!?

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I Can’t Cover What I Am – Superman’s Secret Identity…Revealed?!?

In this feature, I spotlight comic book covers that follow a specific theme. Here is an archive of all the cover themes we’ve spotlighted so far.

Today we look at examples of Superman’s secret identity about to be revealed, actually being revealed or at least SEEMINGLY being revealed!


NOTE: This is not EVERY cover that fits this theme. But still, it’s FORTY covers, so be happy with that rather than complain that some cover wasn’t featured.

Thanks, as always, to the Grand Comics Database for the covers!

Here we go!

1951’s Action Comics #163 has a Win Mortimer cover with a woman threatening to use her mental powers to reveal Superman’s identity…

The very next issue of Action Comics has another Mortimer cover showing one of Superman’s trophies threatening to reveal his identity…

In 1952’s Action Comics #171, Mortimer draws a cover of a recording Superman made that was designed to be viewed after his death but might be viewed too soon and ruin his secret identity!

1955’s Action Comics #202 has Wayne Boring and Stan Kaye showing Lois Lane’s temporary X-ray vision revealing an interesting secret…

Al Plastino drew 1955’s Superman #98, which has a movie based on Superman possibly revealing his secret identity!

Does the Great Cosmo really know Superman’s identity? Al Plastino suggests he does on the 1955 cover of Superman #103…

Five issues later, Plastino has Superman stuck in a sticky situation on the cover of Superman #108…

1956’s Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #17 has the first of a couple of Jimmy Olsen cover where Jimmy uses his seeming death to get Superman to tell him his secret identity on this Curt Swan and Ray Burnley cover…

On the 1957 cover of Superman #119, Curt Swan and Stan Kaye show the problems that arise when Superman switches places with a hero on another planet for a day….

1959’s Action Comics #250 has Clark Kent tied to a lie detector and asked if he is Superman (art by Curt Swan and Al Plastino)…

Curt Swan and Stan Kaye show black magic revealing Superman’s secret identity on the cover to 1960’s Action Comics #269…

Later in 1960, Swan and Kaye show us the second appearance of Lois Lane’s X-ray vision with this cover to Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane #22…

That very same month in Superman #142, Swan and Kaye show Clark’s identity seemingly revealed by a common event…a Kryptonian Flame Dragon blasting his clothes off. Sounds like the plot of a DCU porn film. “Oh no, this Kryptonian Flame Dragon has burned our clothes off! I guess there’s nothing we can do but get freaky!”

In Action Comics #282, Swan and Kaye draw ANOTHER common occurrence, plastic solvent has dissolved the fingers of the Clark Kent robot Superman was using to trick Lois Lane into thinking Superman isn’t Clark. Sounds like every other Monday in Metropolis!

The very next issue has Swan and Kaye showing Clark, Lois and Jimmy encountering a statue made of red kryptonite. Isn’t that just Clark’s luck?

On the cover of Action Comics #288, Swan and George Klein show a real jerk trying to expose Superman’s secret identity. Just let him blow up, Superman!

Later that year, on the cover of Action Comics #297, it is Perry White of all people who screw Superman’s pooch on this Swan and Klein cover…

On 1963’s Action Comics #301, Swan and Klein put Superman in a tough spot having to prove his innocence of murdering Clark Kent without, you know, revealing that he is Clark Kent…

A few months later, Swan and Klein show WHY Superman needs a secret identity on the cover of Action Comics #305…

On 1964’s Swan and Klein cover of Action Comics #313, it is Supergirl’s turn to be the one who reveals Superman’s secret identity!

Go to the next page for the NEXT twenty covers in this theme!

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