I Am <i>Spartacus</i>! No, <i>I</i> Am <i>Spartacus</i>?

What to do when one swords, sex and sandals isn't enough? Why, head into the way-back machine, of course; Starz is preparing to expand their successful Spartacus franchise with an all-new spin-off, Gods of The Arena.

The six-episode Arena, taking place before Spartacus: Blood And Sand, will focus on Gannicus - played by Australian actor Dustin Claire - the champion gladiator before Spartacus' arrival, and his time in the games before the rise of the House of Batiatus. The series will feature a cameo from Blood and Sand's Andy Whitfield, who'll then go on to star in the second season of the parent program, which will start production after Arena wraps.

Arena will premiere next year.

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