I Ain't Afraid of No Bun: Japanese Burger Chain Introduces 'Ghostbusters'-Themed Food

"Ghostbusters" fans no doubt rejoiced when it was revealed that Ecto Cooler, the tangerine-flavored, green colored Hi-C juice drink, would be returning in time for Paul Feig's reboot. But leave it to the Japanese to one-up Americans on movie-themed food, as the J.S. Burger Cafe chain has unveiled an entire menu celebrating the July release of "Ghostbusters." Consider it a feast worthy of the last of your petty cash.

That is, if you can stomach anchovy paste and dyed black food. As GrubStreet reports (via Uproxx), the star of the the spread is the so called G.B. Burger, a black olive and anchovy paste-slathered patty layered with purple cabbage and sandwiched between a black bun. From the image above, it looks like there's also a tomato slice and what one can only hope is mozzarella cheese.

For a side, there's the Black Chili Chips -- not the most appetizing looking nachos ever, but they are decorated with the colors of the "Ghostbusters" logo. To help wash it down, there' a Slimer smoothie, an ectoplasmically colored dairy (maybe?) drink with chunks of kiwi and, for some reason, tiny burgers and green candies floating on top. Dessert might be the best option, with the Marshmallow Mad Burger looking like a deconstructed Stay-Puft: marshmallows and Oreos smothered in chocolate and squeezed between a white bun topped with some sort of berry sauce.

The food will be served at all J.S. Burger Cafe locations throughout Japan from July 1st until September 30th. The stores will also be selling exclusive licensed merchandise, which you can see below beneath images of all the ghostly treats.

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