The Dank Is Out There: 15 Hysterical X-Files Memes

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There are plenty of reasons The X-Files is one of the most popular shows around the world. Its obsession with aliens, government conspiracies and tons of monsters and freaks has solidified the series as a must-watch for anyone who loves science fiction, horror and/or police procedurals. And we haven't even touched on the show's leads, Agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson). They're the heart of this show about finding the truth amidst all of the fog put out by a shady government that loves to keep secrets from its citizens. Over the last 25 years, we've watched Mulder and Scully investigate case after case and get just a bit closer to the answers they seek. In season 10, they got closer than ever before.

Whether season 11 will give us satisfying answers to the mytharc's most immediate questions is anyone's guess. What we do know is that we'll be introduced to a few new monsters and get a funny quip or two from Mulder. And then there's the evil Cigarette Smoking Man, who will undoubtedly be up to his old tricks. The truth is still out there and so are plenty of memes to celebrate the return of the series that made all of us obsess about aliens.

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X-Files Memes 13
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X-Files Memes 13

The X-Files isn't just known for its aliens, monsters, smoking villains, and lovable FBI agents. It's also beloved for its excellent theme song. It's a theme that you've probably heard at least once in your life, even if you've never tuned into an episode of the show. The tune is as memorable and catchy as the 1960s Batman jingle. It was composed by Mark Snow, who used keyboards and synthesizers to create the effects of the song.

The combination gave the theme song an alien, surreal tone that fans still enjoy today. Never has there been a better theme for the mysteries waiting for us beyond our Solar System. The meme above posits that there's really no other song worth listening to when on a long drive, especially if you're an alien!


X-Files Memes 1

The Flukeman is one of the most memorable monsters ever introduced on The X-Files. It's really easy to see why. This monster is absolutely terrifying. From his gross, rancid flesh to his disgusting mouth, there aren't many creatures as vile as this one. The monster was born in a primordial soup of radioactive chemicals (as one does) and somehow found its way into the sewers of New Jersey (as one does).

Although Mulder and Scully eventually disposed of the creature, it later returned in a few X-Files comics. A monster this hideous is just too good to waste on a one-and-done. Imagine if the Flukeman had something to say. That's basically what the meme above is all about. He's undoubtedly a fan of the season two episode, "The Host," which marked his terrifying debut to the world of The X-Files.


X-Files Memes 2

When it comes to Fox Mulder, it's all about the aliens. Nothing drives Agent Mulder more than getting to the bottom of the alien conspiracy and the men behind it. It's not easy work. Mulder's been injured, infected, kidnapped, tortured and pumped full of drugs more times than we can count, but that's not slowed down the old FBI agent.

Surrounded by crazy theories, a band of quacks and tons of files about alien sightings and freaks, Mulder has made it his life's work to find the truth. Sometimes he takes things a bit too far, though. While he's often right that aliens are behind whatever new case he and Scully are investigating, there have been occasions when extraterrestrials aren't it at all. But more often than not, it's aliens.


X-Files Memes 3

The 2016 X-Files revival introduced a more skeptical Agent Mulder. No longer so convinced that the things he'd chased all his life were true, Mulder suffered a sort of crisis of faith -- which culminated in a pretty entertaining psychedelic trip to a honky-tonk. Ultimately, Mulder is a believer, even if he's learned a few new things along the way to change his beliefs a little.

For example, humans have masterminded many of the UFO sightings and cases he's investigated in an attempt to hide the ultimate truth (which we dare not spoil here). That said, it's only caused Mulder to come up with some new theories and leads to follow. Season 11 will undoubtedly give us a Mulder who is ready to get back in the fight for the truth.


X-Files Memes 4

On the other hand, Scully couldn't care less about what she's seen and experienced throughout her years working the X-Files. She has remained a skeptic all of these years, and it's only pretty recently that she finally accepted that there are aliens out there and that evil men are trying to create human-alien hybrids to populate a new world order. It's heavy stuff and Scully is finally here for it. But ask her back in the early years of the show if she believed in aliens. You'd get an eye roll.

It's been announced that this is Gillian Anderson's final season on the show, which means that we only have one more season of Scully to enjoy. Does this mean that she'll find her son William? Will she be killed off? Is she simply retiring from the FBI? We'll find out in just a few short weeks.


X-Files Memes 5

The truth is out there. That's the message The X-Files has been sending its viewers for the past two decades. If you go searching for the answers, chances are that you'll eventually find them. Case after case, these FBI agents have inched closer to the truth. Whether they'll ever get a definitive answer to the questions they've been asking for the last 25 years and change is anybody's guess. Like Lost, answers might not be what The X-Files is ultimately about, though. Perhaps it's the journey and not the destination?

Who are we kidding, we want to know the truth! Anything less than that will be a huge disappointment. The X-Files got a new lease on life in 2016 and we expect that the alien storyline will finally be resolved before the show goes off the air again.


X-Files Memes 6

Scully is not only skeptical of all alien theories. She also apparently has a certain disdain for the digital age. Scully even makes a point to note that she's from the "pre-Google" days, referring to how the internet has made investigators and researchers lazy. This agent is old school and prefers the old ways instead of simply typing something into a search bar. It's good to have some old fashioned investigating mixed in with the more technologically advanced ways of today. Agents Miller and Einstein could learn a thing or two.

Mulder probably loves the heck out of internet forums and conspiracy sites, too. We imagine he's an active user on Reddit and posts alien content quite often. Scully, on the other hand, probably loves to unplug after a long day of not believing in aliens.

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X-Files Memes 7

Mulder and Scully: there aren't many TV duos as famous as the FBI agents who first started chasing the truth in 1993. Since their very first case, these two have been through hell and back together. Endless running and hiding from monsters and government agents, kidnappings, torture, infections, deaths and everything else you can throw at them -- these two have stuck together through thick and thin.

Their story is one of the most celebrated in TV history and we're blessed to still be able to watch these two break weird cases so many years later. Jerry and Elaine from Seinfeld are also TV legends, but not for the same reasons. The eccentric leads of the classic sitcom wouldn't get through a single case without first become obsessed with the menial.


X-Files Memes 8

Scully is tough as nails. Frustrating at times? Sure. Quick to dismiss clear evidence that aliens exist? You betcha. But there's no doubt that she's every bit Mulder's equal and ultimately the very heart of where the story of The X-Files had been leading to. Her alien DNA-laced blood holds the key to stopping the Smoking Man's plot to create a new world order -- and she even kinda sorta believes in aliens now!

Scully has gone through tons of changes over the years and we love her journey from beginning to end. One thing that has remained the same since 1993 is her wardrobe. Scully loves a good pantsuit with shoulder pads. According to this meme, Mulder loves a good shoulder pad on Scully, too.


X-Files Memes 9

Mulder has never been great at relationships -- starting them or keeping them. Even when it comes to his obvious romance with Scully, he can't quite keep it together long enough for the relationship to last. He's just too obsessed with the alien conspiracy and finding out what happened to his sister to ever have anything meaningful. His passion for discovering the truth is all-consuming and there's no stopping him from getting to the bottom of things, not even his loved ones.

The meme above imagines what it might be like to sext with Mulder. There's probably no chance he'd be interested in conventional forms of flirting with anyone. When it came time to send pics, he'd probably ask for some sexy UFO photos. Imagine his disappointment when he gets a nude instead...


X-Files Memes 10

Even though Mulder and Scully have cracked plenty of cases, they usually have little to show for it in the end. Why is it that Mulder and Scully still can't prove that aliens are real after all that they've seen? Little green men, flying saucers, alien technology -- they've basically seen it all. In Scully's case, she even has alien DNA that proves that there's so obviously intelligent life beyond Earth.

At the end of the day, it always comes down to the hard evidence and these FBI agents usually come up with zilch in the end. It can be maddening when Mulder and Scully make a particularly big break. Why don't they ever carry a camera with them? Wouldn't it be easier to show pictures of the aliens and monsters they've encountered instead of simply recording their findings in a file that's clearly going to be stolen or censored?


X-Files Memes 12

Scully is often the voice of reason while Mulder is ready to dive into all types of danger in order to solve a case. She was originally hired as a sort of counterpart to Mulder, whose his superiors saw as a bit of a quack. Of course, there's more to it than that. The Smoking Man and his compatriots really just wanted Scully to keep an eye on Mulder and report back on her findings.

This pairing didn't work too well for the bad guys, since Scully ultimately became loyal to Mulder over the FBI. Still, there have been plenty of times when Scully has had to tell Mulder to chill. You can't find the aliens if you die along the way. Scully knows that, but Mulder just simply doesn't care.


X-Files Memes 13

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos has certainly made a name for himself over the years for his unconventional theories about aliens and the way humans first made contact with beings from beyond our planet. On the TV series Ancient Aliens, he tried to connect seemingly unrelated or inexplicable things to the existence of extraterrestrials. Many call him a quack, but to some he might be doing the Lord's work. Mulder would totally buy into what Tsoukalos is selling. Scully would roll her eyes.

In recent years, Tsoukalos has become a very popular meme. It's fitting that he's an X-Files meme now. Tsoukalo is probably a HUGE fan of the show. It's probably his all-time favorite show. This meme, unlike his theories on ancient aliens, is undoubtedly close to the truth.


X-Files Memes 14

Assistant Director Walter Skinner can be a real pain to Mulder and Scully when they're off breaking FBI protocol, which is quite often. But there's more to Skinner than that. After all, he's the guy with the unfortunate job of controlling Mulder and Scully, a gig that seems pretty exhausting -- not to mention the fact that he has to constantly keep the bad guys in check, too.

It's a balancing act for Skinner, who wants to keep his job and his life but also do the right thing. It seems like a lose-lose to us. Even though he presents as a hard ass, there's a soft spot to Skinner. He's helped Mulder and Scully countless times, after all. He's even shared a kiss with Scully that fans still talk about today.


X-Files Memes 15

Season 11 of The X-Files is here at last. Will we get all the answers we crave? No, probably not. But will we at least see how Mulder survived the season 10 cliffhanger? Yes! There weren't many people who were fans of that cliffhanger, and the season 11 premiere, titled "My Struggle III," has a chance to take the show in a new direction.

Hopefully, it will not be as convoluted as 2016's plot to take over the world by killing most of its population with an epidemic that targets all humans except those with alien DNA in their blood. With Gillian Anderson exiting the show after this season, 2018 might very well mark the end of The X-Files. If that's the truth, we hope to get a satisfying conclusion to Mulder and Scully's 25-year journey.

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