Star Wars: 15 Hysterical Memes From The Dark Side

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The hype is real when it comes to Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the latest chapter in the beloved film saga, which continues the story of the Resistance's struggle against the First Order. At the center of this struggle is Luke Skywalker, who has exiled himself on the desolate planet of Ahch-To. Rey has finally found the legendary Jedi Master and needs to convince him to come back to known space to help Leia and the Resistance defeat Kylo Ren and the First Order. But from what we've seen in the trailers, it doesn't look like getting Luke to fight again will be very easy. In fact, it looks like Luke is a broken old man who just wants to be alone. He certainly doesn't seem to have an interest in teaching Rey the ways of the Force.

To celebrate the arrival of Episode VIII, CBR has searched the internet far and wide for the best Star Wars dark side memes ever. They're hilarious, full of truths about the Sith, the Empire, the First Order, and the Knights of Ren. Most importantly, they ask the important questions we've been wondering about for years, such as "Is Jar Jar Binks actually Supreme Leader Snoke?" Here are our 15 absolute favorite dark side memes!

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Star Wars Meme 1
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Star Wars Meme 1

In Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Kylo Ren lives in his grandfather's shadow. Inspired by the former Dark Lord of the Sith, Kylo strives to finish what his predecessor started by destroying the Jedi once and for all. That's why Kylo is so hellbent on finding his uncle, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, whom has gone missing since the fall of a new generation of Jedi.

Kylo knows that if he can kill Luke, then the Jedi will be extinct once and for all. That is, until another powerful Force user rises up to challenge him: Rey. Kylo can't quite step out of Darth Vader's shadow in the movie, and by the end has failed to properly deal with Rey or protect Starkiller Base. He still has a lot of learning to do.


Star Wars Meme 2

The pull of the dark side is very strong. While the light asks for selflessness, the dark side tempts you by feeding your own interests. Many great Jedi have fallen to the dark side, whether in the movies, books, comics or games. There's Anakin Skywalker, of course, who fell to the dark side in Revenge of the Sith and became Darth Vader.

Luke was also tempted by the dark side in Return of the Jedi when facing the Emperor on the Death Star. Ben Solo fell and became Kylo Ren, one of the leaders of the First Order. Even though the dark side is pure evil, it would probably have even more converts if they were promised kittens after joining. At least that's what this meme posits.


Star Wars Meme 3

It's one of the longest running jokes in Star Wars: stormtroopers, armed to the teeth with blasters, can't figure out a way to ever hit anything. The joke starts all the way in the very first sequence of the original Star Wars when Threepio and Artoo are shuffling through blaster fire. How is it possible that the stormtroopers can't hit two slow droids? Their terrible aim only continues throughout the rest of the saga, as the soldiers fail to hit anything that moves. Why doesn't the Empire offer a better training package?

If you've seen The Force Awakens, then you know that the stormtroopers of the future don't fare that much better. They still have terrible aim. The meme above seems to offer a solution: more training for the stormtroopers.


Star Wars Meme 4

The climactic battle in A New Hope is one of the most iconic moments in cinema history. The Rebels launch a desperate strike against the Death Star, the Empire's ultimate weapon, a battle station capable of destroying an entire planet in one shot. It's up to Luke Skywalker and a squadron of X-wings and Y-wings to take down the Death Star before it can fire on the Rebel base on Yavin IV.

There's not much time left, and it's only by a matter of seconds that Luke is able to fire his proton torpedoes into the Death Star's exhaust port and destroy the battle station. Certainly, Grand Moff Tarkin doesn't believe that the Rebels have a chance in hell to destroy his precious super-weapon. Perhaps if he'd listened to his underling's suggestion that they evacuate, he'd still be alive to blow up some more planets.


Star Wars Meme 5

Darth Maul was one of the breakout additions to the saga when he was introduced in The Phantom Menace. It's too bad he wasn't on screen long enough to really do much other than kill Qui-Gon Jinn and then die. Many fans have felt over the years that killing Darth Maul was a big mistake on George Lucas' part, especially since the character was one  of the more interesting aspects of an otherwise dull movie about trade disputes. Many were sorely disappointed to see Obi-Wan Kenobi cut Maul in half and send him plunging to his death on Naboo.

Luckily, Maul was revived years later in The Clone Wars animated series with a seriously bonkers backstory about how he survived what seemed like a certain death. He also returned in the Rebels animated series to face off against Obi-Wan one final time.


Star Wars Meme 6

It's been said many times before: Darth Vader is the ultimate movie villain. Not only is he a tragic character who was once a hero but then fell to the dark side in order to save the woman he loved, but he's also able to redeem himself at the very end of Return of the Jedi by saving his son. It costs him his life, but not before being able to look upon Luke with his own eyes. Vader has an excellent character arc (as far as the Original Trilogy is concerned, anyway) that not many movie villains can enjoy.

Even before he saving his son, Darth Vader was already one of the most intimidating figures in the galaxy far, far away -- and this is after all of the crappy things that happen to him in the Prequels. According to this meme, Batman could learn a thing or two.


Star Wars Meme 7

At some point, a Hollywood producer had the bright idea to make Liam Neeson an action hero. Perhaps it was the fact that Neeson had already cut his teeth on The Phantom Menace, but for the most part, the actor had stuck to dramatic roles before action thriller Taken turned him into a throat-punching phenomenon.

Ever since his turn as killing machine Bryan Mills, Neeson has had a number of action hero roles and earned a hell of a body count. Neeson is not to be taken lightly. Of course, Darth Maul can confidently assert that he's not scared of the vengeful action hero. After all, he's one of the few villains who can say that he killed Neeson. Maul has never been one to shy away from a good gloat.


Star Wars Meme 8

The lightsaber is a Jedi's life, according to Obi-Wan Kenobi. Every Jedi padawan must construct his own lightsaber before becoming a full-fledged knight. In fact, the lightsaber is representative of who the Jedi is and what role he plays in the Order. Even the color of the blade represents a certain type of Jedi. Both Anakin and Obi-Wan used blue blades in the movies. The Sith use red, which is the color we tend to associate with war, anger, and hate.

Luke first uses his father's old blue-bladed lightsaber in the first two movies of the Original Trilogy and later makes his own green-bladed lightsaber. The meme above pokes fun at the lightsaber. If you've ever owned a cat, you probably know how much they love laser pointers. So it's no wonder this dark side cat is pleased that you have constructed a new laser pointer.


Star Wars Meme 9

The "I am your father" twist in The Empire Strikes Back is one of the most stunning revelations in movie history. No one, not even the actors, expected the sudden connection between young Luke Skywalker and the evil Darth Vader. What was at first a story about good vs. evil was suddenly a tale about family. To this day, there are few movie twists that can top that climactic moment between this father and son duo.

Their confrontation in Cloud City isn't the first time Luke and Vader meet in battle, though. That actually happens on the Death Star, and later during the Battle of Yavin where Luke evaded his father's attempts to kill him and destroyed the battle station. From the look of this meme, Vader was clearly bummed about the first meeting with his son.


Star Wars Meme 10

As we said before, Vader's had a pretty tough life. He started out as a slave on Tatooine before being brought to the Jedi by Qui-Gon Jinn, who quickly died a few days later. Then his mother was kidnapped by Sand People, tortured, and killed. To top it all off, he started having dreams about his wife dying during childbirth, which led him to the dark side and into Emperor Palpatine's control.

Oh, and then he's tasked with capturing Luke so that the Emperor can take him as a new apprentice, pitting both father and son against each other. If there's one bright spot in Vader's life -- besides redeeming himself at the end of Return of the Jedi -- it's the fact that at least Kylo still likes him and wants to be just like his murderous grandfather.


Star Wars Meme 11

Many fans didn't know what to make of Kylo Ren when he was introduced in the very first The Force Awakens teaser. We obsessed over his snow-covered surroundings and most importantly his broadsword lightsaber, a design we'd never seen in any of the movies. When it was revealed that Kylo was actually Han and Leia's son, we were all taken by surprise. After all, how could Ben Solo have turned out to be such a mass murderer? The answer probably lies with his Skywalker blood and Supreme Leader Snoke's manipulations.

But there was still much conflict in Kylo during The Force Awakens and the villain knew that he had to sever all ties with his past as a Solo before being able to fully meet his true potential. That's why when it came time to kill his father, Kylo knew what he had to do.


Star Wars Meme 12

When Disney bought Lucasfilm, many fans were worried that the Expanded Universe of books, comics, and video games that they loved would be rebooted in order to accommodate the new Sequel Trilogy. That's exactly what happened. All of the stories set after the Original Trilogy, such as The Thrawn Trilogy, The New Jedi Order series, and the Legacy of the Force books, were erased from continuity to make way for a new official timeline. There's a group of fans that hate the reboot to this day.

One of the characters who was erased in the reboot was Jacen Solo, the son of Han and Leia, a character who was once a great Jedi Knight and later turned to the dark side and became the new Dark Lord of the Sith. With so many similarities, why didn't J.J. Abrams use the name Jacen Solo instead of Ben Solo?


Star Wars Meme 13

One of the many mysteries left over from The Force Awakens is the true identity of Supreme Leader Snoke. Who the heck is he? Why is he so powerful in the Force? Why is he so heavily scarred? We assume the answers are out there, and perhaps we'll learn more in The Last Jedi, but there's not much to go by at the moment.

Some people call Snoke a Palpatine-lite, which is a fair comparison considering that much of his storyline plays out the same as the Sith Lord's. He amasses an army with which to take over the galaxy, turns a Skywalker to the dark side, and is heavily scarred. Some fans even speculate that Snoke might be Palpatine himself. Of course, one meme suggests a completely different origin. Snoke's origin might not be as epic as you think...


Star Wars Meme 14

Luke's lightsaber is one of the big plot points of The Force Awakens. When it suddenly reappears in Maz's castle, the lightsaber calls out to Rey, who is shown several visions of the past as soon as she touches the legendary weapon. It is a surreal moment in an otherwise straightforward sci-fi adventure. It's at this moment that the Force awakens in Rey. Her contact with the lightsaber somehow activates her powers, which she later uses to defeat Kylo Ren in battle.

The lightsaber is treated like an artifact in the movie, which is why this meme is so perfect. Indiana Jones, played by the inimitable Harrison Ford (who also plays Han Solo), is the ultimate treasure hunter and doesn't hesitate to tell Kylo that the lightsaber belongs in a museum.


Star Wars Meme 15

After all these years, we still want to make sense out of Jar Jar Binks. Why did George Lucas think the character was a good idea? Was he thinking about toy sales? Some fans have tried to give Jar Jar a higher purpose, an alternate storyline for the infamous character that could have perhaps been a major improvement on what we got on screen. We're talking about the Darth Jar Jar theory, which speculates that the dimwitted Gungan is actually a manipulative Sith Lord who controls the Jedi and the Senate while acting like a dunce.

Most recently, many fans have speculated that Snoke might very well be a heavily-scarred Jar Jar. It's far-fetched as hell as the Supreme Leader looks nothing like a Gungan, but it hasn't stopped people from finding comfort in that answer to why Jar Jar existed in the first place.

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