InfiniMEME War: 15 Hysterical Avengers: Infinity War Memes

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It's finally here: the first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War, including some of the long-awaited footage we've all been waiting for since a trailer premiered at San Diego Comic-Con 2017. And boy, did the trailer deliver! Captain America, Black Panther, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, and even the Guardians of the Galaxy return to defend Earth from Thanos, who is getting closer to collecting all the Infinity Stones he needs to power his gauntlet. While we don't expect the Avengers to win the first round -- after all, there has to be some sort of conflict for Avengers 4 -- we hope the heroes slow the Mad Titan down just a little.

The MCU is the original cinematic universe -- Hollywood's most successful and the one all other studios are currently trying to emulate -- and it's gained tons of fans over the years. These are passionate fans who wait impatiently for every new movie trailer and theatrical release. You can imagine the impatience fans must have felt while they waited to see footage from the film that Marvel Studios has been working up to all along. Well, it's finally here and we're in the mood to celebrate. That's why CBR has compiled 15 of the best Avengers: Infinity War memes, because we're on the internet, and what better way to celebrate than with memes?

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Avengers Meme 1
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Avengers Meme 1

Before Marvel owned the realm of cinematic universes, it was hard to predict the company's future success in Hollywood. After all, the House of Ideas had sold most of biggest properties to other film studios, such as 20th Century Fox and Sony Pictures. When Marvel Studios began work on its eventual cinematic universe with 2008's Iron Man, it had to do it without its most famous characters, the household names that had put Marvel Comics on the map in the first place: Spider-Man, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four.

Meanwhile, the X-Men movie franchise had already made a name for itself by 2000 over at 20th Century Fox. In fact, the X-Men movies make up the longest-running superhero film franchise ever. You could make the argument that it was the success of X-Men that set Marvel on its path to take over Hollywood. Logan would definitely say so.


Avengers Meme 2

We take it for granted now, but it was almost impossible to imagine back in the early 2000s that one studio could bring together so many stars under one cinematic universe. While pretty much every studio boasts an ensemble of A-list actors these days -- just look at what the DC Extended Universe and Universal's almost-certainly-doomed Dark Universe are working with in terms of star power -- this was unheard of back when Iron Man was first blowing up theaters in 2008.

The way Marvel Studios has amassed stars is nothing short of incredible, including Academy Award-winning actresses Natalie Portman and Cate Blanchett (both for the Thor movies, interestingly enough). As the meme above jokes, all of this star power can get a bit confusing when it comes down to the actors' names, and even their characters' names for that matter!


Avengers Meme 3

The Avengers: Infinity War trailer first debuted at San Diego Comic-Con 2017, and if you were in Hall H to witness it, you were blessed. But if you didn't get into the Marvel Studios panel or couldn't make it to the convention at all, you were doomed to a worse fate than an Avengers villain: you would have to WAIT to watch the trailer at a later date. As you can imagine, Marvel fans were hungry for the first footage of the movie they'd been waiting for since the conclusion of Phase 3 was first announced.

Plenty of memes have popped up in the interim about Marvel fans doing whatever they can to get a glimpse of the coveted trailer. This particularly perfect one shows Pennywise the Clown from Stephen King's It luring a fan into his sewer with the Avengers: Infinity War trailer. Good, good stuff!


Avengers Meme 4

If you hadn't guessed already, Avengers: Infinity War is a huge film, pitting almost every superhero character introduced in the cinematic universe in the last ten years against Thanos and his forces. As Black Widow actress Scarlett Johansson told Stephen Colbert on The Late Show that there are at least "62 Marvel characters" in Infinity War. That number is almost unfathomable. We feel bad for the person whose job it is to coordinate schedules with all of these actors...

Anthony and Joe Russo, who directed Infinity War, said in a panel at Wizard World New Orleans, that the film actually had 67 characters in it. To top it all off, Johansson also revealed that one scene had 32 characters in it -- probably during that huge battle scene we see at the end of the trailer...


Avengers Meme 5

It's no secret that the final two Avengers films mark an ending to everything we've seen in the cinematic universe thus far, including several characters. We don't know who we're going to say goodbye to in Avengers: Infinity War, but there's a pretty good chance that Avengers 4 will be the last time we see the current versions of Iron Man, Captain America and Thor.

At any rate, Avengers 4 is almost certainly it for Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man. The actor who started the MCU off is getting a bit old for the role and will probably go for the elegant exit at the end of Phase 3. Meanwhile, Mark Ruffalo, who's never enjoyed his own solo adventure, isn't looking for the exit any time soon, according to this meme. Hulk's not going anywhere until he gets a new solo film.


Avengers Meme 6

While the official Avengers: Infinity War trailer didn't make it out of Hall H after it debuted at San Diego Comic-Con 2017, a few trailer descriptions did pop up online. Still, this was not enough to satisfy the hardcore Marvel fans who had been waiting years to see the Avengers team up against Thanos. Plenty of fans were angry, others openly weeped.

Yet another group decided to just laugh at their own misery and create a bunch of memes about not being able to watch the Infinity War trailer. This meme shows Thor none too happy about only having a description to go by and no actual footage of Infinity War. Luckily, we finally have our first look at the movie or else Thor might have smote us.


Avengers Meme 7

One thing is for sure: the Avengers have really grown since their initial outing against Loki. In fact, Infinity War boasts the biggest lineup of Marvel superheroes ever. Surely, Captain America and his team will need all the help they can get against Thanos, who looks like more than a match for these heroes. Just look at the way he wrecks Spider-Man and Iron Man in the trailer. They don't stand a chance on their own. Luckily, Cap and friends have TONS of reinforcements.

It's unclear who is still an Avenger in this film and who is just along for the fight. The ending of the trailer seems to tease a new lineup that includes Captain America, Black Panther, Okoye, War Machine, Black Widow, Hulk, Falcon and Bucky. It's a pretty different team from the one that starred in the first Avengers film.


Avengers Meme 8

The more stars are brought into the Marvel fold, the more things seems to get tangled up. There are quite a few Chrises and Toms in the cast of Avengers: Infinity War, after all. In the meme above, we actually get a joke about Tom Holland and Chris Pratt's fictional names in the movie - Peter Parker and Peter Quill. That's right. both Spider-Man and Star-Lord share a first name, which will probably make things confusing for Iron Man and the rest of the Avengers.

This will actually be the first time Star-Lord and the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy interact with the other Marvel characters, as they've been far off in space for their first two movies and nowhere near Earth. That will all change in Infinity War. The trailer even teases that it'll be Thor who first encounters the heroes.

7 "IMAX."

Avengers Meme 9

Marvel Studios needed to use the latest tech to get the epic tone of Avengers: Infinity War just right. That's why the Russos filmed the entire movie with Imax/Arri 2D digital cameras. Those cameras are what have undoubtedly given the footage we've seen so far that crisp feel. We've never quite seen a Marvel movie that looks this good. Thor: Ragnarok and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 are pretty close seconds, though! Fans will be able to experience the film in Imax in 2018.

The meme above is a play on the classic Austin Powers joke where Dr. Evil unveils a new technology in each movie, whether it's a laser beam, a tractor beam, a rocket, or some sort of time machine. The cutting edge technology this time around is apparently Imax.


Avengers Meme 10

This Avengers: Infinity War trailer meme goes all the way back to Sam Raimi's Spider-Man movies starring Tobey Maguire. This scene is from Spider-Man 3, to be exact. In the infamously bad "Dark Spidey" storyline, Peter is infected with the symbiote -- which will later turn Eddie Brock into Venom. During his dark phase, he develops an emo slick and a temper as well as a violent streak against his former best friend Harry and anyone else who gets in his way. At one point, his landlord gets the brunt of Peter's short temper.

It's safe to say that Marvel Studios got a talking to from angry fans who were expecting to see the Avengers: Infinity War trailer much sooner than this month. There no doubt some fans were as mad as Peter when nagged about the rent.


Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downey Jr. have something in common: both have played Sherlock Holmes. Downey Jr. played the famous detective in two movies, Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. His version of the classic character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was perhaps a bit more of an action hero than the usual portrayal. Downey Jr.'s Sherlock wasn't afraid to get into a fist fight.

On the other hand, Cumberbatch's Sherlock, a highly intelligent but almost sociopathic "hero," is not afraid to alienate others in order to get to the bottom of a case. Of course, the BBC series in which he starred was more about getting Sherlock to a point where he was a bit more human. That does ultimately happen, as he becomes a lifelong friend of John Watson. The meme above celebrates the fact that the Avengers have two Sherlocks on their side.


Avengers Meme 12

Sebastian Stan has certainly changed throughout his Marvel appearances. From the likeable hero Bucky in Captain America: The First Avenger to his villainous turn in The Winter Soldier, a lot has happened to Bucky over the years. He was first thought to be a casualty of World War II, seemingly falling to his death during Captain America's fight against the Red Skull and Hydra. Decades later, he reemerged as an assassin known as Winter Soldier, an enemy of Cap and S.H.I.E.L.D.

Ultimately, Bucky returned to the side of good and even seems to be fighting alongside the Avengers in Infinity War. But have we seen the last of bad Bucky? The meme above pokes fun at Bucky's transformation throughout his appearances. He does seem to grow more hair from one movie to the next!


Avengers Meme 13

Speaking of bad Bucky, Captain America: Civil War revealed how he could be controlled through a combination of trigger words. It's Helmut Zemo who acquires the book with these trigger words and sends Bucky on a rampage once again. Luckily, Cap is able to track his old friend down and snap him out of it. Helping Bucky puts Cap at odds with Iron Man and some of the other heroes, which is what truly sparks the civil war between the characters.

While Zemo is defeated at the end of the movie, there's no guarantee that Bucky won't be brainwashed again, so he decides to go back into cryogenic sleep until someone can find a cure to his illness. The meme above shows Bucky talking to Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, who uses the trigger words to send the Winter Soldier after the people who leaked the Infinity War trailer.


Avengers Meme 14

One more time for the people sitting in the back: Marvel fans weren't happy about not being able to watch the Avengers: Infinity War trailer as soon as it premiered at San Diego Comic-Con 2017. The wait has been painful for these fans. We were right there with you guys. We felt the elation when the curtains were finally drawn on the film's first footage, and we were very pleased. Now it's time to wait for the second trailer...

This meme shows Spidey waiting for the mythical trailer, one that felt like it would never come. Fortunately, the wait is over, and we even got to see Spidey in action with a new suit! It does seem like he gets a bruising from Thanos, though. Poor Pete.


Avengers Meme 15

Nothing shows fans' passion for the characters they love than cosplay. Dressing up as your favorite heroes is a staple of fandom nowadays and no convention is complete without a few cool, handmade costumes. You should see what some of the best cosplayers come up with. The results are sometimes truly better than what's on screen. Unfortunately, that's not always the case.

The meme above features some of the worst Avengers cosplay we've ever seen. Certainly, you have to give it to these guys for fashioning costumes out of regular household items (such as Captain Morgan boxes), but the results are just terrible... and delightful! Oh, and that Hulk is the stuff of nightmares -- which is the right tone for the character. Let's just say we're glad these aren't the Avengers will be watching on screen next year.

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