Avengers: All Of Hyperion’s Powers, Ranked

People often compare Marvel heroes with DC characters - usually, after a big movie comes out and it's a slow day at the office. For the most part, everyone agrees that Iron Man is Marvel's answer to Batman, Captain Marvel equals Wonder Woman, and Quicksilver could give the Flash a run for his money. But the jury's still out concerning Superman.

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Over the years, juggernauts like the Hulk, The Sentry, Gladiator, and, well, the Juggernaut have been suggested as equals to the Man of Steel. But, in our opinion, Hyperion is the Marvel hero that resembles the Man of Tomorrow the most. Not only does Marcus Milton share a similar backstory to Clark Kent, but they also share a host of powers - which we'll be ranking today, in the order of the least to most OP.

10 Vision Powers

Just like Superman, Hyperion can see farther than the average man - at with much greater depth. When he concentrates, Marcus can peer through solid objects, observe subjects microscopically, and view the electromagnetic spectrum at all times. Hyperion's used his enhanced sight to observe strands of DNA!

A caveat to Superman's x-ray vision is that he can't see through lead. Hyperion doesn't seem to have this problem, however. He seems to be capable of genuinely looking through any material that he encounters. Hyperion's microscopic vision also helps him solve cold cases like the world's greatest forensic scientists.

9 Super-Senses

Hyperion's vision is far from his only enhanced sense. Marcus can also smell, hear, taste, and feel much better than the average person. Normally, humans can only hear between 20 Hz to 20 kHz - meaning that dogs and ferrets can hear at a much wider range than the average person.

But Marcus is far from average, in any sense of the word; he can hear radio frequencies that other people aren't even aware of. He can also smell toxins and poisonous gases that are otherwise odorless. It's also likely that Hyperion would be able to taste every ingredient in something that he ate - if he needed food or water, to begin with.

8 Super-Speed

Hyperion flying

Quicksilver may be the fastest man around, but that doesn't mean he's the only Speedster in the Marvel Universe. Marcus is one of the few characters that can move faster than lightning, as well as reach Mach speeds while he's on Earth! This also extends to Hyperion's reflexes and agility.

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Thus far, we've seen Hyperion dodge attacks from Namor the Submariner as well as speed past the likes of Cannonball and Sunspot. And if you're wondering where that "faster than lightning" feat comes from, it stems from an instance where Hyperion outpaced a bolt that Thor called down!

7 Super-Strength

Hyperion isn't ripped for no reason - Marcus packs a mean punch and could bench press a meteor if he had to (or if he wanted to!) Marvel used to rank Hyperion's strength as a class 95, however they've recently begun considering him as a class 100+ - putting him in the same league as Captain Marvel and the Sentry!

That's probably because of Marcus' insane feats, which include holding planets and hitting the Hulk hard enough to turn him back into Bruce Banner! Hyperion's so OP that it's honestly hard to rank his powers - Marcus hardly has any weaknesses!

6 Enhanced Durability

Strength isn't everything - it's not always about how hard you can hit, but about how well you can roll with the punches. To that end, Hyperion has most other Marvel heroes and villains beat by a mile! Marcus has traded blows with Namor, the High Evolutionary, members of the Black Order, and a very angry Hulk.

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Moreover, Hyperion's also survived the destruction of not one, but two universes! Thank goodness that the vacuum of space doesn't affect him, come to think of it. Case in point, Hyperion's durability makes him one of the tankiest characters in the entire Marvel Universe, as well as the Multiverse!

5 Flight


Of course, you don't need to worry about getting hit if you can stay out of most of your enemies' ranges. That's where flight comes in. Hyperion's one of the freakiest flyers in the Marvel Universe; he can fly over 61 miles per second on Earth, allowing him to outpace Thor, as we mentioned earlier.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg; Hyperion can reach light speed when he cuts loose and flies as fast as he can! Granted, he'd destroy the Earth if he pulled this stunt off in terrestrial space, so he only performs this feat on rare occasions.

4 Healing Factor

Despite his immense resilience and impressive reflexes, Hyperion can bleed. Should Marcus suffer a grievous injury, however, he can recover very quickly thanks to his healing factor. We've never seen Hyperion regenerate from a single drop of blood yet, but we have witnessed him perform other insane feats.

Of the top of our head, we think his encounter with Corvus Glaive remains one of his most impressive moments; Corvus cut Hyperion with a weapon that can slice molecules in two! Just about anyone else would've died from that, but Hyperion hung in there and gave Glaive an atomic parting gift!

3 Atomic Vision

One of Superman's more exotic powers is his ability to fire laser beams from his eyes. Yet most of us can't even remember a time when the Man of Steel didn't have Heat Vision. As such, most of the characters based on Superman also have a power similar to Heat Vision.

For Hyperion, that power is his Atomic Vision - which manifests as energy so intense, they burn at an excess of 12,000 Fahrenheit! Marcus has even used his Atomic Vision to kill powerful foes like Namor as well as injure the likes of the Hulk and the High Evolutionary.

2 Eternal Physiology

Most of the characters that share similarities with Superman don't stop at powers - they tend to have similar backstories as well. Marcus is also an alien baby that fell to Earth years ago. A man named Father adopted Marcus and raised him to be a champion of the people.

But whereas Kal-El is a Kryptonian, Hyperion is an Eternal. Most of his amazing abilities stem from his heritage - chiefly, his physical attributes like his Super-Strength, Super-Speed, Super-Senses, and Flight. As for Marcus' more exotic abilities, there's a cosmic explanation.

1 Cosmic Energy Manipulation

That's right, Hyperion can wield the power of the cosmos to perform all sorts of amazing feats! It's his mastery over cosmic energy that allows him to use his Atomic Vision as well as heal from injuries that even other Eternals might not recover from.

As Hyperion's most exotic ability, we still don't fully understand his connection to the cosmos. We do know, however, that Captain Universe approves of Hyperion's methods as well as the ways that he uses his powers to help others.

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