Huntress Rumored to Be a Part of DC's Birds of Prey Movie

The Huntress Justice League

The lineup for the DCEU's upcoming Birds of Prey film is reportedly beginning to take shape.

Rumors have Huntress joining the roster for the upcoming DC ensemble film alongside Barbara Gordon's Batgirl and Margot Robbie reprising her role as Harley Quinn. Helena Bertinelli's Huntress has been a staple figure within the Gotham-based superteam after being added to the group by writer Gail Simone and artist Ed Benes in August 2003 in the pages of Birds of Prey #56.

Earlier rumors had Catwoman completing the cinematic trifecta instead of Huntress, though rumors of Catwoman appearing were debunked last week. The upcoming DCEU film is expected to have The Penguin as the main villain with rumors that the antagonist will resurface as a villain in Matt Reeves' Batman solo film while Batgirl's role in Birds of Prey will set the character up for her own proposed solo movie.

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A Birds of Prey film, directed by Cathy Yan, has been fast-tracked by Warner Bros. and is expected to begin filming in January. The shuffling of the DCEU's production schedule had the team film taking priority over a Suicide Squad sequel after studio execs were impressed by writer Christina Hodson's script. With pre-production ramping up, official casting for Birds of Prey should begin soon.

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