Hunting down 'Monsters and Dames'

The folks at the Emerald City ComiCon this past weekend put together what sounds like a really cool benefit book for the Seattle Children's Hospital. Called Monsters and Dames, it featured pin-ups of, well, monsters and dames by some of the show's guests. While the book was a show exclusive, some of the art that was included has started to pop up around the internet. Over at the Periscope Studios blog, you can see contributions by Colleen Coover and Steve Lieber, while Becky Cloonan has posted hers on her own blog. And at the Emerald City site, you can find contributions from Ben Templesmith, Bruce Timm, Kieron Dwyer (above), Mark Brooks, Mike Huddleston and Moritat.

If you've seen any others, let us know in the comments field

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