Hunter x Hunter: 5 Characters That Can Survive The Dark Continent (& 5 That Can't)

One of the most enigmatic places in the entire Hunter x Hunter anime series, the Dark Continent, is a place where few people have stepped foot in. It is a region that is far beyond the reaches of the Known World. The Dark Continent is home to some of the most bizarre species in Hunter x Hunter, such as the Chimera Ants, and it also has Flora indigenous to it, such as the World Trees and the Metallion.

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Those who have been to Dark Continent have, more often than not, died because of the threat that this place poses to humanity. However, there are some who have set foot on this island and survived it. Here are 5 characters who can survive the Dark Continent and 5 who can't.

10 Can Survive: Zigg Zoldyck

Zigg Zoldyck was one of the members of the Zoldyck family of Kukuroo Mountain. Although very little is known about him, it is said that he went to the Dark Continent sometime in his youth. Declaring the place unfit to be conquered and explored, Zigg Zoldyck returned to the Known World.

His strength, like everything else about him, remains mysterious. However, the fact that he was chosen to journey to the Dark Continent proves that he was, indeed, one of the toughest people in the entire series. More of his exploits might be revealed later in the story.

9 Can't Survive: Gon Freecss

The son of Ging, Gon is a Rookie Hunter and the protagonist of Hunter x Hunter. Although he's very powerful, he cannot survive the Dark Continent as he is right now. After his fight with Pitou, Gon has lost his Nen, and with that, abundant of his strength. For journeying to the Dark Continent and surviving there, Gon would need to be able to access his Nen, at the very least.

Unfortunately, we don't know when it'll return to him, if at all. Gon could still go to the Dark Continent, but he would be a burden to whoever is accompanying him.

8 Can Survive: Isaac Netero

One of the strongest characters in the entire Hunter x Hunter series, it isn't too shocking to know that Isaac Netero has been to the Dark Continent. It was Netero who led the expedition to the Dark Continent when Zigg Zoldyck went to the place. Netero, along with those who accompanied him, decided to return to the Known World and they figured that it was a place too vast and unknown to be completely conquered by the humans.

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Given his level of skills, it wouldn't be troublesome for Netero to survive the Dark Continent, but exploring the entire region is a different thing entirely.

7 Can't Survive: Killua Zoldyck

Killua Zoldyck is one of the Rookie Hunters and Gon's best friend. Currently, he is roaming the world with Alluka, but he'll be back in the main story soon enough. Although Killua is very powerful, it is difficult to imagine that he'll survive Dark Continent with his current power level.

Considering the fact that he's not a part of the expedition to the Dark Continent, Killua would likely be alone on the phantom island, and, without a party, it is nearly impossible to survive there. When the likes of Netero returned due to the place being uninhabitable, there's no reason to believe that Killua could survive an expedition there by himself.

6 Can Survive: Beyond Netero

Beyond Netero is the son of Isaac Netero and just like his father, he's very influential. Although much of his abilities remain unknown, Beyond had secretly journeyed to the Dark Continent in the past and failed to explore it completely.

He did survive, however, and right now, he's planning another expedition to the place, aiming to conquer it thoroughly. Considering the size of Beyond's party, it is possible that he'll be able to do what his father couldn't, and conquer the Dark Continent in the upcoming arc.

5 Can't Survive: Leorio

Leorio is one of the 12 Zodiacs, having taken over the position of Ging Freecss, and Gon's close friend. Interestingly, Leorio is on the way to the Dark Continent, but whether he'll survive it or not is a completely different ask. Leorio, while powerful, will have to rely on the help of those around him if he is to escape the Dark Continent alive.

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By himself, he won't last long in the unexplored wildness that is the Dark Continent. Even with a party, it is possible that he'll either die or be forced to leave since the place seems to be an unimaginable mess where species even stronger than the Chimera Ants exist.

4 Can Survive: Ging Freecss

Ging Freecss is Gon's father and one of the most powerful Hunters in the Hunter x Hunter series. His strength is such that even Netero has sung praise of it, and a person of his skill is likely capable of surviving the Dark Continent. Ging is currently on his way to the continent, so it'll be interesting to see whether he'll survive or not, although knowing his skill, it is hard to imagine that he'll die there.

He has previously been mentioned to be one of the 5 strongest Nen users in the story, and that certainly says a lot about his capabilities.

3 Can't Survive: Kalluto Zoldyck

Kalluto Zoldyck is one of the assassins of the Zoldyck family, just like Killua, and a member of the Phantom Troupe. As a boy with exceptional combat prowess, Kalluto has impressed even the likes of the Troupe, despite being very young. Kalluto is capable of using Nen, and his skills as a manipulator are commendable.

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Despite that, it is nearly impossible for a kid to entirely explore the Dark Continent and return alive when some of the seasoned Hunters failed at that task. Kalluto may be powerful, but he lacks experience. At his age, he certainly cannot survive the terror of the Dark Continent.

2 Can Survive: Zeno Zoldyck

One of Netero's friends and the father of Silva Zoldyck, Zeno is a famed assassin, known for his stealth and killer instinct. Although he's never been to the Dark Continent, he's certainly strong enough to go there and survive. The fact that he accompanied Netero on the raid to the palace says a lot about his power.

Even Neferpitou considered him a great threat to the King, which implies that he can go to the Dark Continent and survive the place, although barely.

1 Can't Survive: Nobunaga Hazama

The Phantom Troupe's #1, Nobunaga is an excellent swordsman, with exceptional control over his Nen. As a member of the Phantom Troupe, it is not a surprise that Nobunaga can go to the Dark Continent, but him surviving the place alone is unlikely. Being an Enhancer, Nobunaga's skill with a sword is lethal, however, whether it is enough to deal with the inhabitants of the said continent is debatable.

He also possesses the ability to use En, but he can only cast it over a distance of 4 meters, which isn't really all that effective. His chance of surviving the place are close to none.

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