Hunter x Hunter: 5 Characters Stronger Than Silva Zoldyck (& 5 Who Are Weaker)

The Zoldycks are a family of assassins who hail from Kukuroo Mountain in the world of Hunter x Hunter. Being home to some of the most prominent characters in the series, the Zoldyck family is vital to the story. Currently, they're led by Silva Zoldyck, who is said to be exceptionally powerful. In the past, he's exterminated a member of the Phantom Troupe and brawled against the likes of Chrollo Lucilfer.

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As a master of Nen, and several other assassination techniques, few can be dubbed stronger than Silva Zoldyck. Here are 5 characters who are stronger than him and 5 who are weaker.

10 Stronger: Zeno Zoldyck

Zeno Zoldyck is Silva's father, and likely the former leader of the Zoldyck family. He possesses tremendous strength, even at his old age. Known to be a phenomenal assassin, Zeno Zoldyck is strong enough to defeat Chrollo Lucilfer, although whether he can defeat a 'serious' Chrollo is something that even he doubts. Nonetheless, Zeno, in his prime, could definitely be significantly stronger than Silva Zoldyck.

He's also maintained ties with Netero in the past, and was specifically chosen by the Chairman during the raid on the Palace in the Chimera Ant arc. Prime Zeno would certainly be stronger than Silva.

9 Weaker: Cheetu

Cheetu was a Squadron leader in the Chimera Ant army, and certainly one of their fastest characters. Boasting decent strength, Cheetu was able to fight to some extent against the likes of Morel and Knuckle. Overconfident as he was, Cheetu believed he was capable of defeating Zeno Zoldyck as well. During the short meeting with Zeno, he was taken out by Silva Zoldyck in a single punch, albeit by surprise.

Having been dealt with easily, there's no doubt that Cheetu is weaker than Silva Zoldyck, who didn't even need to resort to using his full power to beat him.

8 Stronger: Isaac Netero

Isaac Netero was the former Chairman of the Hunter Association in the series and quite possibly the strongest Hunter of all time. Netero's abilities allowed him to fight against the likes of Meruem, who was described as the pinnacle of evolution. His 100-type Guanyin Bodhisattva enabled him to deal a significant amount of damage to the King of Ants.

Therefore, dealing with Zeno Zoldyck isn't going to be much of a trouble for him. What's more, in his prime, Netero was said to be twice as strong as he was during his old age. There's no doubt that Netero was levels above Silva.

7 Weaker: Gon Freecss

Gon Freecss is a Rookie Hunter, and the son of Ging Freecss. Although he embarked on his journey with minimal knowledge of Nen and fighting abilities, Gon has progressed drastically over the years, especially under the training of Biscuit Krueger.

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During the Chimera Ant arc, Gon summoned incredible amounts of power in exchange for his potential and even defeated Neferpitou with ease. Right now, he has relinquished the ability to use Nen, and with it, any chance of being even slightly close to Silva Zoldyck in terms of power.

6 Stronger: Meruem

The King of Ants, Meruem is the strongest character in the entirety of Hunter x Hunter so far. He has displayed abilities that are beyond the reach of any Hunter. Meruem was able to defeat Netero in a fight without any complications, which just goes to show that he's unbeatable.

As a Specialist, Meruem only got stronger after consuming Nen, and his gradual evolution would only have continued had he not died. Strong as Silva Zoldyck is, there's no doubt that he's weaker than Meruem.

5 Weaker: Killua Zoldyck

Known to possess tremendous potential, Killua is an assassin from the Zoldyck family as well. As the son of Silva Zoldyck, Killua has been blessed with immense talent, which according to Wing, sprouts once in a generation. While Killua does have a lot of potential, he has certainly not fulfilled it yet.

His father, Silva Zoldyck, is several times stronger than him. For Killua to catch up to him, he'd have to undergo a lot of training. There's no denying that Killua can possibly surpass him at some point in the future, but right now, he isn't relative to his father.

4 Stronger: Neferpitou

Neferpitou was one of the three General Chimera Ants, and they served as King Meruem's personal guardian. Pitou's Nen ability was monstrous, and just a glimpse of their En would send shivers down anyone's spine. According to Colt, Pitou was several times stronger than even Netero.

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Whether that guess was accurate or not is debatable, but it is clear that Pitou was stronger than Silva Zoldyck. From what we've seen of her capabilities, Pitou was easily able to beat Kite, a seasoned Hunter. As such, dealing with Silva shouldn't be much harder than that.

3 Weaker: Illumi Zoldyck

Another member of the Zoldyck family, Illumi is known to be a master Manipulator. His skills with Nen are immense, and he's a respected assassin in the Zoldyck family. Although Illumi's full strength isn't known yet, it isn't hard to acknowledge that he's likely weaker than his father.

Silva Zoldyck has previously fought and matched Chrollo Lucilfer in battle, which is a rather impressive feat. It's highly unlikely that Illumi can do something even remotely similar. Without a doubt, he's weaker than his father right now, although he might get stronger than him with time.

2 Stronger: Ging Freecss

A Double-Star Ruins Hunter, Ging Freecss is one of the strongest characters in the Hunter x Hunter series. According to Netero, Ging is one of the five strongest Nen users in the world currently.

Although most of his abilities remain a mystery to the fans, Ging being stronger than Silva wouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. Ging is respected by every Hunter who has ever heard his name, and as such, he could easily be on a level above Silva Zoldyck.

1 Weaker: Kalluto Zoldyck

Kalluto Zoldyck is the younger brother of Killua and the son of Silva Zoldyck. As one of the youngest in the family, Kalluto's strength is comparatively lower, although he does possess a lot of talent. His skills earned him a spot in the Phantom Troupe, which says a lot about what he's capable of. Despite this, Kalluto has a lot of room to grow and isn't ready to be put anywhere close to his father, in terms of power level.

In fact, Kalluto isn't even close to his brother, Killua Zoldyck in terms of power right now. It would take him years of training before he can even think of surpassing his father as an assassin.

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