"Hunter-Killer" Trade Paperback Releases in February!

Official Press Release

Hunter-Killer, the hit black ops series from creators Marc Silvestri (X-Men, Wolverine, The Darkness) and Mark Waid (Kingdom Come, DC's 52), has built a devoted fan base over the last year. The series combines the non-stop action that both creators are known for with real world black ops and espionage in a unique and compelling way. Beginning with the introductory Hunter-Killer #0, readers were introduced to young Ellis, a seemingly normal everyman, who is thrust into a world of intrigue and secrecy where a group of super-human policemen act as a "Fourth Branch" of the U.S. government. Ellis discovers that super humans, called "Ultra-Sapiens" exist and are considered weapons of mass destruction by the U.S. government. When one of these super-humans goes rogue a highly specialized and trained group is called in to stand up to them and protect the world at large: The Hunter-Killers. Suddenly and traumatically, Ellis is introduced to Agents such as Samantha Argent, Wolf, and the mysterious Morningstar, who manipulates the entire game from the shadows. Ellis may play pivotal role in the world's future, but will it be for ill or good?

"It's great to have this work under one cover-I'm very proud of how well it reads that way, and it's always a treat to have that many Marc Silvestri pages to pore over again and again," said co-creator and writer Mark Waid, "If you're just joining the world of Hunter-Killer, there's no better place to start".

"Hunter-Killer #0 is the book I hand folks at conventions when they THINK they know what to expect from Top Cow", commented Filip Sablik, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Top Cow. "And I can't tell you how many impressed fans we get coming back for more. Now they can get the entire story in one impressive package."

In February, Top Cow Productions is proud to present the first twelve issues of Hunter-Killer in its entirety collected in a single volume. Fans will now be able to enjoy Waid and Silvestri's story in its entirety, along with an exclusive look into Silvestri's sketchbook to see the behind-the-scenes development of the series. This 336-page, full-color trade collection features art by Top Cow superstars including Silvestri, Eric Basaldua, and Kenneth Rocafort, and retails for $24.99. The trade collection is slated to be in stores in late February 2007.

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