The Hunt for Wolverine Brings Back A (Semi) Major '90s Marvel Villain

WARNING: the following article contains major spoilers for Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost #3 from Charles Soule, Matteo Buffagni, Jim Charalampidis and Joe Sabino, on sale now.

In the realm of comics, we know no one stays dead, well, unless you're Peter Parker's Uncle Ben. So it's no surprise after Charles Soule painted The Death of Wolverine, he's responsible for paving the way towards Wolverine's full-blown return. However, before we get there, fans are navigating through The Hunt for Wolverine, a banner of books to really flesh out just how and why the character came back to life (and with an Infinity Stone, of course).

In Weapon Lost, one mission's led by Matt Murdock aka Daredevil, Misty Knight (due to her top notch investigative abilities), the Inhuman detective Frank McGee, and last but not least, Cypher (a mutant who interfaces with technology and the digital universe).

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Come Issue #3 though, their investigation gets bloodier than expected as a semi-major villain from the '90s makes his presence felt: Wolverine's android clone, Albert.

Previous issues saw the team, hired by X-Men leader Kitty Pryde, follow up a bunch of leads all over America, as Cypher basically speaks the language of the internet and can trace every sighting. This took them to Saskatchewan, Canada, to an old Ranger outpost where, upon rummaging around, Cypher got his throat slashed by someone with adamantium claws. Here, the latest issue kicks off with Daredevil, Frank and Misty rushing him to their jet, only to be ambushed by the threat at hand.

Albert springs into action, thinking he's being tracked for the kill, and goes after everyone. Luckily, Daredevil, a skilled combatant, is able to bear the brunt of the fight, although he gets slashed up along the way. Albert, clearly operating in self-defense mode and thinking he's the victim of, for lack of a better word, a witch-hunt, tries to flee, but Daredevil pursues as his teammates try to heal Cypher.

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Eventually, he subdues the hybrid killer, but only with the help of Misty and Frank, as they shoot down Albert. To seemingly put him out his suffering, a patched-up Cypher randomly shows up on the scene and blasts him unconscious. It's vague as to whether Cypher's shot is mercy or anger, but Daredevil quickly realizes they got the wrong guy and now need to leave. This rings out in his mind as he remembers Albert's last words, asking what did they do with his daughter, Elsie Dee, hinting much more sinister things were happening around the hybrid.

It's a very pertinent plea because as '90s Wolverine readers would remember Albert was an android clone created by the Reavers to lure Logan into battle. While engaged, he would come across a helpless young girl, Elsie Dee (who was actually designed to be a bomb), so when Wolverine approached her, she'd explode and incinerate him. Both assassins, however, had a change of heart and decided to go clean, after Logan saved the girl's life. This was something which brought a sense of relief to Wolverine as he felt they deserved to be more than just weapons in someone's vendetta. Since then though, they've been more or less off the grid, until now.

Daredevil's suspicions are raised even further when one of their leads in Chicago turns up dead, hinting someone wanted them to find Albert. The issue ends with the team in the midst of an explosion, yet another trap set, alluding to the discovery of Albert as something that's not really an accident.

With Albert supposedly taken into custody by Canadian authorities, it's unlikely he'll remain incarcerated as he wants to find Elsie, but how he truly figures into the big cat-and-mouse game at the moment is left to be seen.

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It seems Daredevil's 'agency' is being played at the moment, and he'll have to keep all eyes open because even Cypher's strange behavior has him wondering now if they're actually the hunted, and not the hunters as first assumed.

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