Wolverine's New Villain Is Actually the X-Men's Worst Nightmare

Enter Persephone

After the attack on the Xavier Institute, Daredevil senses a presence on the opposite side of the campus. A finely-dressed gentleman is standing among ten covered corpses laying across the campus. The man is merely there to introduce a woman named Persephone, who makes her entrance via a holographic projection. Persephone is already displaying her intelligence by not being there in person to feel the wrath of the X-Men.

Not wasting time with small talk, Persephone quickly admits to having Wolverine as her hostage and servant, along with confirming that she and Soteira are one and the same. The villain has orchestrated many events and pulled several strings in the shadows, and is now ready to step into the spotlight.

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Persephone reveals the ten corpses are people she discovered with the X-gene, using the DNA database her men stole from Mister Sinister. The information allows her to find and murder any humans registered with the X-gene before they've manifested a mutation, meaning the X-Men can't use Cerebro to find, warn and protect them.

If this isn't enough of an example of the depths Persephone will go through to rid the world of mutants, we also have to remember she has Wolverine as her captive. Weapon Lost showed she has control over Wolverine, so if she wanted to she could deploy him as a weapon against his own friends.

What makes things even trickier for the X-Men is they have no idea how to find Persephone. The earlier diagram clearly shows she has mastered how to avoid pinging anyone's radar, so it won't be as simple as getting telepaths to search for psychic signature across the globe.

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The possibility of a villain executing innocents who will turn into mutants in the future is the worst case scenario for the X-Men. The heroes are used to navigating a world that already hates and fears them for being different, but that usually happens after a mutant manifests their powers. What Persephone is attempting to do is stomp out a future for every single mutant in the Marvel Universe, which is what would happen if X-gene holders were murdered.

Persephone's attempt to end tomorrow's mutants will continue in the Return of Wolverine five-issue miniseries. The title should shed more light on how she came to obtain Wolverine's body, along with the origin of Logan's new hot claws powerset. The only question is will Wolverine gain his freedom while also bringing down the X-Men's newest threat.

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