Hunt For Wolverine Reveals How Logan 'Escaped' His Adamantium Tomb

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for Hunt For Wolverine by Charles Soule, David Marquez, Paulo Siquiera, Rachelle Rosenberg, Walton Wong and Ruth Redmond, on sale now.

Wolverine is back among the living. Of course, readers have known this since his surprise appearance in Marvel Legacy #1, where he was also in possession of the Infinity Gauntlet's Time Stone. The Avenger and X-Man would soon follow this up by traveling across the Marvel Universe, looking to reconnect with his friends and teammates in "Where Is Wolverine?" post-credits scenes spread out through various titles.

The excitement over Wolverine's return is warranted, but it doesn't answer the larger, more pressing question: How did Logan escape having his entire body being covered in molten metal, essentially creating an impenetrable Adamantium tomb for the fallen hero?

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Charles Soule and David Marquez's Hunt For Wolverine pulls back the curtain on this unsolved mystery, serving up a fitting resolution that totally makes sense when factoring in the characters involved.

The Reavers Are Back

Sometime after Logan passed in 2014's Death of Wolverine miniseries (also scripted by Soule), the X-Men took his Adamantium corpse to an isolated cabin in Alberta, Canada. Only a handful of X-Men and some of Wolverine's closest friends knew the location of the cabin, but that didn't stop the cybernetic mercenaries known as the Reavers from discovering it while looking for a quick score. Wolverine's remains, plus the Adamantium he's encased in would go for a pretty penny on the black market.

However, the X-Men arrive on the scene just as the Reavers attempt to get away with their prize. With the heist being foiled, Pierce -- the guy in charge of the Reavers -- decides to forgo taking Logan's entire body in favor of chipping off some pieces of the outer Adamantium casing. Once Cylla's molecular rearranger is fully charged, she unloads an explosive blast at Logan's remains -- only to reveal that his Adamantium tomb is empty.

Of course, readers already knew the tomb was empty thanks to the Marvel Legacy one-shot, but that doesn't explain what happened to Wolverine's corpse. Was it never really inside the Adamantium the entire time? Was his body stolen at some point after it was interred?

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The answer to all these questions is actually quite simple, as our narrator for Hunt For Wolverine, Kitty Pryde, reveals in a flashback sequence.

Bye Bye, Bub

While the X-Men were debating whether it was a smart idea to leave Wolverine's tomb where it lay, Storm wondered aloud if their friend deserved a better send-off. Of course, the logistics of a proper burial get a bit complicated when you factor in burying tons of Adamantium in the ground. Thankfully, Colossus comes up with the perfect plan, and it involves using Kitty Pryde's mutant abilities to phase Wolverine's corpse from his Adamantium outer layer.

In retrospect, the only logical method for Wolverine to escape his Adamantium tomb is by having Kitty Pryde phase him out of it. The leader of the X-Men's Gold team admits the process isn't easy, as this is the hardest phase she's had to attempt since escaping the bullet that sent her traveling through space in Joss Whedon and John Cassaday's Astonishing X-Men.

Once Wolverine is freed, the X-Men find a final resting place in a peaceful valley overlooking mountains. As for the empty Adamantium statue, the X-Men choose to leave it where it is as a memorial for those who aren't privy to Wolverine's true gravesite.

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While one mystery is solved, another is introduced when Kitty discovers Wolverine's grave is empty. Either Wolverine gained life in his body and escaped himself, or someone discovered where he was and took him. The latter scenario is by far the most frightening when you consider Logan's state later in the story. The answer to his development should be followed up in Hunt For Wolverine's four spinoff miniseries: Weapon LostAdamantium AgendaClaws Of A Killer and Mystery in Madripoor.

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