Hunt For Wolverine Uncovers a Secret X-Men Conspiracy

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for Hunt For Wolverine: Adamantium Agenda #4 by Tom Taylor, R.B. Silva, Adriano Di Benedetto, Guru-eFX and VC's Joe Sabino, on sale now.

The X-Men have carried on without Wolverine, one of their most popular and recognizable figures, since the hero passed away in 2014's Death of Wolverine. While characters like X-23 and Old Man Logan have stepped up to fill the Wolverine void, it's fair to say the Marvel Universe has missed the X-Man and Avenger.

Of course, Wolverine wouldn't stay dead forever, and Marvel dropped the first bombshell in the hero's return story when he made a surprise appearance in last year's Marvel Legacy #1. Since then, a Hunt For Wolverine one-shot and four miniseries have continued the saga by revealing Logan's body to be missing to his friends in the superhero community. Each title took a different angle in the investigation, with Adamantium Agenda seeing the former New Avengers Iron Man, Spider-Man, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage coming together again to track Wolverine's stolen DNA.

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With the help of X-23, the heroes' search uncovered the X-Men villain, Mister Sinister, as the mastermind behind a larger crime consisting of the theft of every person's DNA in the Marvel Universe. Looking back over Mister Sinister's history, this move aligns with his previous actions as a self-appointed expert in genetic manipulation. For example,  Mister Sinister had a laser focus on Summers and Grey family trees when he first debuted, before settling in as a frequent X-Men threat.

This last point is important because while discovering Mister Sinister's surplus of DNA, Iron Man finds smaller databases for mutants and the X-Men. You would think having the DNA of every person on Earth would take top priority, but Mister Sinister only thought to have both a physical mutant DNA collection and a digital mutant database, clearly showing favoritism to those with the X-gene.

Tony almost let his scientific curiosity get the best of him, but his friends convinced him to destroy the databases instead of exploring the juicy information stored within -- but that doesn't mean Tony came out completely emptyhanded. Yes, Mister Sinister's DNA collection is no more, but Tony was able to decrypt two gene files ahead of their destruction.

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The first file dealt with the identity of X-23's mother, which was revealed to be the scientist who gave birth to her cloned body, Sarah Kinney. However, the contents of the second file have a far greater impact on the X-Men and the Marvel Universe as a whole.

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