The Reavers Come Calling in Hunt For Wolverine First Look

The mystery surrounding Logan's return from the dead will finally be revealed in the Hunt For Wolverine, a 40-page comic from writer Charles Soule and artists David Marquez, Rachelle Rosenberg, Paulo Siquiera, Walden Wong and Ruth Redmond. The one-shot follows up on the X-Man's demise in Soule's Death of Wolverine and his big return in Marvel Legacy #1.

Though Logan has made various "Where is Wolverine?" post-credits scene appearances in select Marvel titles, Hunt For Wolverine plans to get to the bottom of the hero's resurrection and escape from his Adamantium tomb.

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Marquez and Rosenberg's preview pages for Hunt For Wolverine feature the cyborg villains the Reavers heading to Wolverine's resting place deep in the forests of Alberta, Canada. It seems the group has hit a bit of a rough patch, and plan to use the bounty on Logan's corpse to fill their pockets for much-needed upgrades.

Just how the Reavers learned of Wolverine's whereabouts is a question left unanswered, but if they think running off with Wolverine's Adamantium-covered body will be a cakewalk, they're in for a rude awakening.

And right when they've secured the score of a lifetime, a noise off-panel teases trouble for the Reavers.

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Hunt For Wolverine arrives in stores April 25 from Marvel Comics.

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